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My name Jill Laperle. My first trip to Disney was way back in 1978. I still remember the first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom with my parents. I even still have some of those unused original tickets buried in a box. I met and married my Prince Charming (Jeff) and we have 2 Princes (Riley and Aidan). Mickey and Minnie were kind enough to pop in at our wedding (thanks to our parents) and we had an amazing Disney honeymoon. Both of the boys had their first haircuts at the Main Street Barber Shop when they were a year old. In 2009 we became proud DVC owners at Baylake Tower. I have graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge and keep up with that training just to help people plan trips. I made it to the second round for Moms Panel after years of applying. I will keep trying knowing one of these years it will be my turn. I was a beta tester for Disney InsidEARS. I may have a small obsession with Disney Dooney and Harvey Seatbelt bags. I also love collecting Disney iPhone cases, Chamilia beads and other jewelry finds. I am always showing a Disney Side in a small way. Anything else you would like to know just ask. NDM #117


runAs many of you know, the running world has exploded over the last several years. Disney was definitely doing the right thing at the right time, as Walt Disney World has become a running mecca of sorts.

I have many friends who “Run Disney” and their skill ranges from 5 and 10Ks to the Dopey with a coast-to-coast medal. I always said that a Disney race would be a bucket list item for me. “Would I ever be able to cross it off the list” became a big question mark after a few injuries on my part. Every time a race would happen, I would think to myself, someday. Maybe not something as big as even a half but a 5K seemed possible. I looked into the requirements and learned you need to maintain a 16 minute per mile pace. How fast is that you ask? It is a really fast walk. Like when you have 5 minutes left on a FP+ window to get on the 7 Dwarf’s Mine Train and you are just walking in the front entrance during parade time. Can you make it in time? If yes, you just may be able to complete a race.

Fast forward a bit. At the beginning of the summer, I decided I was healed enough to attempt a couch to 5K using the neglected treadmill at our house. This would be an eight week program.  I ran some track in high school, but was more of a sprinter and never liked the long distance thing. Turns out, in my older and wiser years, I liked the quiet time to run. I started  looking for a local race I could do as a reward for completing the 5k training. I found one that will take place on Halloween, which just so happens to be a favorite holiday of mine. Then D23 happened and the race for me was announced.

I am a huge Star Wars fan and I had been toying in the back of my mind a way to get to a Disney race in a year or so. During this time, Disney announced the Dark Side Challenge at Disney World, and as fate would have it, this race coincides with a trip I was already planning for in April. I had to think, was I ready? That question remains to be answered, but when early registration opened, I sat at my desk and got ready to register for my first ever 10K. Why not start with a 5K? I read all the information I could and decided I wanted to give myself a challenge. I am scared and need to start training, but the Force is Strong with this Padawan and I will complete this race.

Wait for my next post on all the fun ways to Disneybound your run with Sparkle Skirts and Raw Threads.

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