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First & foremost, I'm MOM! I have a Disney a DVC & D23 member, and a wannabe castmember. Magic seeker for life! I vacationed almost exclusively at WDW with my family as an adult and in the last couple years picked up my family to move there/here. And that’s where I am now…in Cinderella’s backyard with my family. I’m very happy to be a Disney local, at last.


Mickey's House - WIndermere - Halloween decor

Can you spy the Hidden Mickey?

Not far from the Magic Kingdom, there’s a house called Mickey’s Home. A relocated Ohio couple named Mickey and Minnie Baus live there. Debbie and Herb live there as well. All together and with a little help from their friends, they decorate each holiday here in the grandest of styles, with a deep Disney influence. I heard about their impressive displays through my neighborhood web forum and decided to go check it out for myself.

With only a general idea of where they’re located, I drove into Summerport after dark. The neighborhoods in this area are somewhat convoluted so I wasn’t sure I’d actually find it. Halfway through the roundabout just beyond the subdivision entrance, I spotted the flashing lights dead ahead.

Hundreds (or thousands!) of twinkly lights and enormous inflatables fill the lawn and cover the home all the way from Nagami Drive back to the banks of Lake Cawood. Numerous animated displaysand holiday movies are there to see as well. This stuff isn’t just thrown out on the lawn and plugged in, it’s carefully planned and orchestrated. It’s quite a sight to see.

On Halloween night, thousands of trick-or-treaters show-up to collect their goodies there. If you’re local and you have nothing else planned, maybe you should drop in too. They’re dying to meet you!
Mickey's House - WIndermere - Halloween decor

So much spooky fun to be found here! 

Mickey's House - WIndermere - Halloween decor

I spy a Hidden Mickey!

Mickey's House - WIndermere - Halloween decor

Ursula (in the back) was one of my favorites!

Mickey's House - WIndermere - Halloween decor

Every window is decorated. There are movies playing in the large upstairs window.

Mickey's House - WIndermere - Halloween decor

It’s really not-so-scary! Happy Halloween!

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