When looking for vacation advice, there are shelves of tour guides available to you, as well as incredible websites like this one. They are filled with instructions on how to book dining reservations, resort information, and top five character meet-and-greets.

But what about all those little tips that don’t fit into the mainstream advice, the ones that can be amazingly helpful?

Here are 8 simple tips what will make a big difference on your vacation.

1. Parking

Most people know it is a good idea to take a picture of the big circular parking signs in the parking lots. The signs can easily be found; Ursula 94-100, Minnie 35-39 etc. This is a great idea, but it only leaves you with a section of rows to find your car. If you were in your local shopping mall that would be fine but Walt Disney World is very different. A better idea is to take a picture of the end of your row on the ground. Each row is marked with the name and specific row number of your vehicle. Quickly take a picture and you will have no problem finding your car at the end of your day.


2. Save Time & Add To Your Step Count

Speaking of parking, taking the tram can be part of your Disney experience, but keep in mind if your family is healthy and able, walking is usually the quickest way to get to the park. The tram can take a while to load, and go through the entire parking lot before arriving at the gate. Walk and you will usually beat it.

3. Keeping Your Phone Charged

Throw your phone charger in your bag to bring to the park. If your phone dies, you can easily bring it to Guest Relations and they will charge it for free. They do have some attachments available, but might not have the one for your phone.

4. Bringing Your Own Food

You can bring your own cooler into the parks to save money as long as it’s a soft-sided cooler. I have seen plenty of hard ones, but I wouldn’t risk it. Follow the official rules just to be safe.

5. Singing in the Rain

Lots of people will take a picture with the “singing-in-the-rain” umbrella in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but they forget one really neat factor. Make sure to stand on the black rubber pad on the side walk under the umbrella. If you step on it, it will actually rain.


6. Ride Vehicles

If you are concerned about fitting into a ride vehicle, find the test chair to try it out before hand. Usually hidden for privacy reasons, it can help you avoid an awkward situation.

7. Making FastPass+ the day of your trip

Always be checking your MY DISNEY EXPERIENCE app for the popular Fast-passes opening up. I can usually get Toy Story or Mine Train Fast-passes the same day. People are always freeing them up because their plans change. It opens them up for you to grab for your family.


8. Extra Pixie Dust

Drop by the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street, USA with your kids. They will sprinkle free Pixie Dust on their hair. Your kids will love it.

These may seem like simple, random common sense tips, but once put together can really make a big difference on your family vacation. Enjoy the parks!

What’s your best tip to pass on to your fellow guests?

What do you think?

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