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First & foremost, I'm MOM! I have a Disney a DVC & D23 member, and a wannabe castmember. Magic seeker for life! I vacationed almost exclusively at WDW with my family as an adult and in the last couple years picked up my family to move there/here. And that’s where I am now…in Cinderella’s backyard with my family. I’m very happy to be a Disney local, at last.


See You Real Soon - Throwback Thursday


This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us waaay back…to last night, and the last night ever of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. This display ran for 20 years at Hollywood Studios and has now retired to make way for Star Wars Land and a newly expanded Pixar Place.

As emotional as last night was, with friends and family frolicking in the snoap while listening to the fun holiday tunes, one can only wonder: Is this beautiful display really, truly “gone forever?” The photo in the top corner of the collage says, “See You Real Soon.” One can only wonder if that could possibly hint to a relocation of some sort. We would prefer to remain hopeful on this.

This was a family tradition that will be missed. Were you able to experience the lights? Do you think a relocation could be possible? Share your thoughts with us!

What do you think?

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