Disney Movie Nights – they are just traditional. They usually involve pj’s, favorite snacks, blankets & stuffed friends. But, in changing times, there is a new concept of movie night…themed movie nights. I love this concept for so many reasons. It is more than just watching a movie. You can include themed activities, food, & decorations. Our whole family becomes involved. From planning, to decorating, to clean-up, it is a true example of teamwork & a great bonding experience.

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

“The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” is the perfect movie when you just need some family time! The adventures of Pooh and friends will have everyone on the couch ready for this great, nostalgic family movie night! Here are a few ideas to kick your movie night up a notch. From decor to food, we have you covered!



  • Help your guests make their very own friend with these Disney Family puppets from paper bags.
  • This activity book from Disney Family could be worked on during the party or for your guests to take home and enjoy after the movie.
  • Poor Eeyore is always losing his tail! With this Disney Family Pin the Tail on Eeyore game, you can help him get it back on.


  • Use these adorable popcorn buckets from merriment design to hold some of the food choices for your meal or snacks to enjoy during the movie.
  • These yummy allergy friendly Pooh Bear muffins will make a great addition to your snack selection for the movie.
  • If you’re serving food during your movie, Disney Family has a recipe for Kanga’s Pita Pouches.  They suggested serving with egg salad but switch it out to whatever your guests will enjoy.

The Princess and the Cake has a recipe to make your very own honey cake to enjoy during the movie.

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