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Charlene grew up watching all the classic Disney movies and dreaming of being a princess but only recently became a full-fledged Disney Fanatic when her Prince Charming finally talked her into taking their family of seven on a WDW vacation (after 10 years of begging). Now, Charlene is often found pinning Disney tips, reading Disney blogs, and strategically planning out their next Disney vacations. Out of their five children, there is only one little princess, with whom Charlene can live vicariously through, meeting Disney princesses and watching all the magical Disney fairy tales together. Charlene is also an independent travel planner with Ears of Experience, contact her for all your Disney travel needs at


Have you even taken or considered taking or fantasized about taking an adults-only trip to Disney? Well, Charming and I did just that. No kids. None. Not even one ounce of guilt either. We spent five glorious days in Southern California at The Happiest Place on Earth and had








We ate nice, quiet, leisurely meals.


Look – no kids at all on this ride! Disney IS for grown-ups!











We took time to enjoy the simple things.








We waited in ridiculously long lines to meet a couple of our favorite characters – totally worth it!










Follow our lead and leave the kids at home – you won’t regret it.


One thought on “Never Grow Up

  1. All of my Disney trips have been childfree. Some of them are even companion-free! I HIGHLY recommend it. The freedom it gives you to do whatever you want whenever you want at a moment’s notice is thrilling. 🙂

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