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Since going to Walt Disney World and Disneyland at a young age, Chris has always enjoyed Disney music, TV shows, movies, and trips to Walt Disney World. But his appreciation of the overall Disney experience has greatly increased over the last few years. While waiting for the next chance to work on his Disney photography skills, Chris passes the time listening to Park/Resort audio, WDW podcasts, and checking out the work of other Disney photographers. To Chris, there are no bad Disney trip photographs or photographers. Non-Disney pursuits include spending time with his wife and children, watching and listening to baseball broadcasts, and cheering for the Chicago Cubs and LSU. Chris is a third generation professional engineer in Louisiana, working mainly on asbestos, lead, mold and demolition projects. Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisWhitePE and you can check out his Flickr photo stream: chris_white2323.


You know you’re a Disney fan when you are willing to check out a product that smells like your favorite Disney rides. Disney fans of all ages enjoy the dark rides – especially the old school Disney dark rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World. Splash Mountain is unique in the sense that it’s a dark ride and thrill ride rolled into one. At any rate, there’s a company that’s developed a fragrance that smells like water flume dark rides.

Xyrena has developed a fragrance that supposedly captures the essence of the familiar dark ride smell – appropriately named Dark Ride. I’m more than a little intrigued. And no, this isn’t an early April Fool’s joke.

I ran across this in an article from Attractions magazine:

this could be life changing

this could be life changing

That’s right Disney fans – besides dark ride photography, downloading or streaming dark ride audio, you can now own the smell of your favorite Disney water flume dark ride.

On the surface, this seems a bit absurd, but I have to admit that I love the smell of those rides. Why? Well, just like the music, the smell reminds me of being there. And I’m a huge Disney dark ride fan.

Besides, nothing screams “I’m as cool as James Bond!” like walking around smelling like “It’s a Small World”. But if I can make my office smell like Pirates of the Caribbean or the Gran Fiesta Tour, well, maybe it’ll help the day go by a little more quickly. Or people will think I’m nuts and avoid my office. Win.

On a serious note – if this fragrance really does smell like my favorite ride, I’d seriously consider ordering it. I wish there were a way to test it.

Here are links to the product website:

There’s even a video trailer you’ve got to see. You know you have a big time fragrance when you make a movie style trailer for it. Here’s the product description:

“A realistic interpretation of water ride staples like Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park and Splash Mountain. For years, perfume and theme park enthusiasts alike have searched for fragrances that accidentally smell similar to water rides. For the first time ever, the intoxicating, moody scent has been intentionally captured. Xyrena’s Dark Ride features the familiar note of chlorinated water, a thrilling accord of theatrical fog and pyrotechnics and a hint of atmospheric mildew and damp ozone to create ‘the first thrill ride in a bottle.’”

I really like the mention of “atmospheric mildew”. That’s a neat way of describing a kind of moldy smell – and ironically, I get paid to help building owners avoid having that smell, or getting rid of it altogether.

Anyway, February is the month for love, and if you’re worried about not having the right gift for your special someone (who also happens to love dark rides), this could save the day for you. You’re welcome.

I haven’t yet decided on whether or not I’ll take the plunge (get it?) on this. But I have to admit I’m more than a little intrigued. I’ll be sure to write a review if I do order some. That may not be a good idea – I’m the last person you should go to for style advice.

In the meantime, if any of you have tried this, or know someone who has, drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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