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Recently, the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival opened in the Imagination Pavilion (Epcot) replacing the Captain EO show. Guests either loved or hated Captain EO, and it was rare to find someone indifferent to it. I sided with it being outdated. I was excited to hear it was being replaced by short films and went to check it out at the first chance I could.

The Film Festival gives guests the chance to learn how the films were made and then experience three of Disney-Pixar’s best short films ever made. How can anyone pass that up?


Disney does offer a FastPass+ for this attraction, but don’t choose it. Like most shows, it’s just not necessary because there is always room in the theater. Save the FastPass+ for rides like Spaceship Earth and Mission Space.

Similar to Captain EO, guests enter the previewing area first. This was actually my favorite part. The video screens showed documentary style clip about the films and how they were made. The clips I saw were heavily focused on Pixar. They explained how the company started, and their philosophy behind making short films. I thought I knew a lot about Pixar but I still learn a bunch about the company

Once inside the theater, we put on our 3D glasses and prepared to watch three short films.


The first film we watched was “Get a Horse” and they started with the best, in my opinion. The film stars Mickey Mouse and many of his friends. The amazing part is the film also featured Walt Disney himself as the voice of Mickey Mouse. This hand drawn short film is filled with all sorts of surprises. I won’t spoil them for you, but it’s an experience for all your senses. You will love watching Mickey fight against Peg-Leg Pete.

The second was “La Luna”. This film is simply beautiful. It’s a version of the classic story where a boy needs to find his way in the world. His family works in a unique line of work, and he needs to decide where he fits into it. His father and grandfather both have a different way, and want the boy to follow them. The boy has to decide who he wants to be like, or if he wants to be himself.


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The third and final was “for the birds,” and will be the one most guests will be familiar with already. It’s about some mean birds sitting on a wire and how they bully a bigger bird who wants to be their friend. It’s a story about karma. If you do bad things, it will come back to haunt you.

No one knows how long this exhibit will be in Walt Disney World’s Epcot so make sure to stop in while it’s still there. You won’t be disappointed.

Do you have a favorite Disney/Pixar short?

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