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Disney Hollywood Studios - Streets of New York Fire Hydrant

In looking for a Throwback Thursday photo this week, I stumbled across a folder of photos that one of my older daughters had taken for a photography class. When I saw this photo of the fire hydrant, so many Disney memories suddenly reappeared. And then I realized, we will never relive those memories again.

The fire hydrant sat on the Streets of New York, in front of the hotel. At sporadic intervals, the hydrant would spray water. My kids used to LOVE to wait and run into it. The waiting was always the best part. When NDK was just a little, little one, she could get soaked standing by the hydrant. The others were older, so it would feel great to get your legs wet on very hot, Florida summer days.

Now with the refurb and renovations going on, the streets are closed, the fire hydrant long gone, and hot summer days are approaching. We will find new places to create cool, unforgettable memories for this summer. But for now, I’ll just remember back to when they were little and this was still around. And how thankful I am for that photography class. It’s so important to not get caught up in the “rush” of the theme park and the “get it all done” mentality. Be sure to take a breather and let the littles enjoy the flowers, or in this case, the hydrant. And take pictures of these little memories. They could be bigger memories later on!

Do you have any memories of the hydrant? Share your Throwback memories with us!

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