Alice Through the Looking GlassEarlier this week, NDK and I were invited to a special screening of Alice Through the Looking Glass. I will say that I was quite curious, as Alice would say, as to what I would think of this movie. If you know me, you would not be surprised to hear that I had not seen the first movie, Alice in Wonderland (2010), because it is a rare occasion that I get to see an adult movie (read: non-animated, kiddy-fied version). I knew the story and how different it was from the animated original (1951), but I also knew that quite a few people had told me it was not the best of movies. I am intrigued by Johnny Depp and how he can transform himself so uniquely in every character he plays, so we decided to venture through the looking glass with Alice on her newest adventure.

The movie starts with Alice as captain of her father’s ship, returning from being away at sea for many years. Alice is immediately met with problems at home, and starts to feel that achieving six impossible things before breakfast may not be an option for her. Disappointed and unsure of what to do next, she is greeted by a familiar blue butterfly, Absolem, who leads her to her newest adventure, which may involve curious time travel with a chronoshpere.

Alice’s adventure is truly amazing. Visually, Alice Through the Looking Glass is colorful. If you ever had any questions as to “why” from the 2010 version,  this movie is sure to answer them. Overall, I was not disappointed with this movie. Is it my new favorite movie of all time? No. But, I did appreciate the tie in with many values that are worthy for everyone to remember. So, in keeping this review spoiler free, let’s focus on why you (and your child) can benefit from this movie.

6 Impossible to Forget Values from Alice through the Looking Glass

  1. You cannot change the past, but you most certainly can learn from it. 
  2. One should always tell the truth.
  3. Apologies should always be offered, no matter how much time has passed.
  4. Girls can do anything they put their mind to.
  5. Friends are friends to the end.
  6. You only have one family.

I do hope you take the time to see this movie as a family. It was not too intense for small or weary children. NDK really liked the film, and she is not a fan of even the slightest of intense films. Alice Through the Looking Glass offers many opportunities for discussion on values, morals, family and even imagination and where it can take you! Alice Through the Looking Glass is in theaters now!

The NDK Review:

I liked Alice Through the Looking Glass. I really liked how she was captain of her own ship. She was smart enough to know how to get out of danger. I thought that was really neat. I also liked how Alice really wanted to help Hatter. They are very good friends. The main reason for the story is Alice is trying to help Hatter find his family. Only Alice could help Hatter because she believes nothing is impossible.

I learned that Time is not a thief, but a gift. That means that we shouldn’t waste our time with anything. Every second, minute, and hour should not be wasted. Friends and family are the most important things in the world. You also can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. That means you can’t stop something that has already happened, but you can learn from it by saying you are sorry, telling the truth or not doing it again. You also shouldn’t blame somebody else for something they did not do.

I would watch this movie again. I don’t think I would watch it over and over again, though. I was worried at the end of the movie, and the Jabberwocky was definitely a scary moment, but it was a quick scene. I think Alice is a good role model because she shows us to believe in the impossible.

 **Disclosure: I was invited to a special screening of Alice Through the Looking Glass in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

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