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My name Jill Laperle. My first trip to Disney was way back in 1978. I still remember the first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom with my parents. I even still have some of those unused original tickets buried in a box. I met and married my Prince Charming (Jeff) and we have 2 Princes (Riley and Aidan). Mickey and Minnie were kind enough to pop in at our wedding (thanks to our parents) and we had an amazing Disney honeymoon. Both of the boys had their first haircuts at the Main Street Barber Shop when they were a year old. In 2009 we became proud DVC owners at Baylake Tower. I have graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge and keep up with that training just to help people plan trips. I made it to the second round for Moms Panel after years of applying. I will keep trying knowing one of these years it will be my turn. I was a beta tester for Disney InsidEARS. I may have a small obsession with Disney Dooney and Harvey Seatbelt bags. I also love collecting Disney iPhone cases, Chamilia beads and other jewelry finds. I am always showing a Disney Side in a small way. Anything else you would like to know just ask. NDM #117


POSTERSI recently was lucky enough to get the limited release Shag Star Wars Harveys Hipster bag. This bag is great, but as you might guess being a hipster, it is a little on the small size. I wanted something to hold a few credit cards to go with it. I couldn’t believe with all my accessories in the closet I couldn’t find anything that was working for me. It just so happened I stumbled on a fun weekly sale called Wacky Wednesday in one of my Facebook groups. Once a week people get to post different things for sale. That is when I came across these adorable handmade card holders made with Harveys Seatbelts. I have see things made from what you would call deconstructed Harveys bags, but nothing had caught my eye like these did. I immediately ordered an orange and purple card holder that would fit and match perfectly with my Shag Star Wars bag. I was so impressed with the service and quality of the item, I decided to interview the creative person behind my purchase for the blog. With that said, I am happy to introduce you to Valerie. She is the talent behind my latest find. Enjoy…..

Jill: How long have you been making these seatbelt accessories?
Valerie: I started Harveys’ Girls, in March, of 2015.SHAG SW
I absolutely loved the flat rosette style that Harveys had made, but since I was so new to collecting, I had only seen 1 online. I really tried to win that auction, but it wasn’t meant to be. I figured, I’ll just make my own. So, that’s what I did. When I had a few pinned together, I posted a picture in a Harveys group page and the response I had was amazing! A few ladies wanted to buy them, and I thought, “Oh my goodness!” I don’t know if I can do it!” 🙂
I thought about it, and I figured, “Why not? There is a demand out there. I’ll give it a shot!”

Then, in October, I made my first credit card holder out of genuine Harveys seatbelts, for a birthday gift. I made a couple of Disney inspired credit card holders and posted them for sale, and was totally blown away by the love they received.
camo cc

Jill: What inspired you to start making these?

Valerie: I needed a birthday present for my brother. I had some left over Harveys camouflage seatbelts from a project I made for myself, and I decided to make him a credit card holder. He loved it, he literally told me that it was the best present that year. I figured, well, since that went over so wonderfully, I’ll see if my customers would like them, and I’m happy to say they are a best seller for me.


Jill: Are they mostly Disney inspired?

Valerie: A lot of them are. The first credit card holders I offered for sale was Mickey and Minnie inspired. Mickey Mouse was made out of genuine Harveys classic red seatbelts, black trim and yellow buttons embellishment, Minnie Mouse was made out of genuine Harveys black seatbelts, with red/white polka dot trim, embellished with a red/white polka dot bow. Those were best sellers! I had to take pre-orders to keep up with the demand. I also make other Disney inspired credit card holders and pouches along with ones made out of genuine Harveys Disney Couture seatbelts.


Jill: Do you take special orders?

Valerie: Absolutely, I love taking my customers ideas and making them a reality. I have the best, most imaginative customers!

Jill: I have the credit card holder and absolutely love it, what other styles do you have?

Valerie: Thank you so much!! The Shag Star Wars inspired credit card holder was fun to make! I make credit card holders, coin purses and large pouches. I also make custom rosettes.

Jill: Are these made from deconstructed purses or do you buy the seatbelts?

Valerie: All my seatbelt accessories are made with genuine Harveys seatbelts from repurposed bags.

Jill: I know we can find you on Facebook but is there anywhere else we can find you?

Valerie: Currently, I sell on Facebook, my group is called, Harveys’ Girls, Custom Accessories for your Seatbelt Bags.

Bonus offer from Valerie for the next month: 15% your total order for new customers in the US only. Must mention ‘the Disney Driven Life‘ when ordering.

And because this is a Disney blog:

What is your favorite park? Disneyland!!
What is your favorite attraction? Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, so much fun!!
What is your favorite snack? Just one?? Chili Lime Corn on the Cob, oh so delicious!!




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