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My name Jill Laperle. My first trip to Disney was way back in 1978. I still remember the first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom with my parents. I even still have some of those unused original tickets buried in a box. I met and married my Prince Charming (Jeff) and we have 2 Princes (Riley and Aidan). Mickey and Minnie were kind enough to pop in at our wedding (thanks to our parents) and we had an amazing Disney honeymoon. Both of the boys had their first haircuts at the Main Street Barber Shop when they were a year old. In 2009 we became proud DVC owners at Baylake Tower. I have graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge and keep up with that training just to help people plan trips. I made it to the second round for Moms Panel after years of applying. I will keep trying knowing one of these years it will be my turn. I was a beta tester for Disney InsidEARS. I may have a small obsession with Disney Dooney and Harvey Seatbelt bags. I also love collecting Disney iPhone cases, Chamilia beads and other jewelry finds. I am always showing a Disney Side in a small way. Anything else you would like to know just ask. NDM #117


Disney x CoachIt has been a long time coming, in my opinion – the marriage between Disney and the well know handbag company, Coach. It was back in 2009 that I started my collection of Disney bags by designer handbag companies. My first was the Mickey comic bag by Harveys. Then the Dooney sketch was announced and that became the bag to get. I still remember meeting my girlfriend at T. F. Green Airport in Providence with a check in hand to claim my new sketch bag and wristlet. These 2 bags started my obsession. While I love Disney and I loved being able to get quality bags with Disney patterns, I always secretly wished my beloved Coach would jump on this and give me something in this area. I would still switch back and forth between my many Disney bags and my beloved Coach bags. I still have the first Coach I ever got from my parents in 1986. Early this year we got the great Kate Spade Minnie Mouse inspired bag, which I had to add to my collection. This collaboration made me think about Coach again and wondering if I would be seeing my dream come true. The FB groups I belong to, for those of us that have a small obsession with these types of bags, began rumbling that soon we would see the collaboration that many of us hoped for. I am not alone wanting this, as I found out.

Disney x Coach

Saddle bag, Dinky, Mickey and Kisslock

Little by little, it was first confirmed that yes, Disney and Coach would be joining forces. Then we started to see little teases on the Instagram accounts for both @DisneyStyle and @Coach. The Coach app had some fun teases as well and you could make your a little video with Mickey.

Disney x Coach

Zip Wallet, Scarf and Mickey

Soon after, my FB groups blew up! The Soho Coach Store released what was being called ‘Disney x Coach’ line. I am not going to lie, I analyzed every video and picture I could find of the new collection. I could tell right away this was going to be pricey, but the quality would be what you have come to expect from Coach. It was announced the collection would be released in some stores and online on Friday, June 17, 2016. I knew I needed a plan.

Disney x Coach

Crossbody, Saddle bags and Kisslock

I went to a local Coach store that I was hoping would be one of the privileged stores to have some of the collection and I was in luck. I went to the store the Monday before the release to check out bags that were similar in style to what the Soho pictures with Mickey had shared. I did this to hopefully help me with a plan of attack for the day –  both online and in store. I could plan ahead what I wanted and what I was willing to spend. I asked one of the employees if they would have the line in store. I was told they may have pieces, but that would be all they could confirm. That was enough for me.

hangtags Disney x Coach

Hangtag Set

Over the days leading up to launch I looked for pictures, prices and descriptions of all the items. I decided that even though the Kisslock was what I considered the main bag of the line, I wouldn’t use it as much. The Dinky would be my ideal bag. Also, a wristlet and hang tag would be something to check out for a possible purchase.

As someone who has been collecting Disney inspired high end bags for years, I knew these would sell out fast. If I snoozed on this, I would loose my chance at one of these gorgeous bags.

Disney x CoachI got to my store half an hour before it opened and was super happy to see I was the only one there. I could see the employees in the store setting up the last touches on the ‘Disney x Coach’ display. I could see the Dinky bag I wanted on the shelf from afar, and it was love at first sight. Another woman showed up and was also happy we were the only 2… so far. We would be able to look and drool over the line before we made final decision and purchases. I confess just hours before this in the wee hours of the morning (like 1 am eastern time), I was looking online confirming I hadn’t missed anything and making my list for the visit later that day.

The Coach employees were fabulous to us. They told us since this launch was so secret, they too were just now taking it all in and loved looking and comparing all the choices with us. Matching hangtags, comparing styles and piling up the purchases for us. It definitely took some self control since I am not independently wealthy. I wanted all of it, I must admit.

Disney x Coach


It was a hard choice between the Kisslock bag, the Dinky and the Crossbody. I settled on the Dinky, the wristlet and the Pondering Mickey face hangtag. I also may add a phone wallet, but I will have to get that online because it was not at my store. I am not going to lie – I am secretly debating going back to add another piece or 2 to my collection. This collection was everything I could dream of! The Mickey is adorable and simply stated so it could be carried by anyone for any function. I am so happy this collaboration has finally happened and I hope this is not the last we will see of the ‘Disney x Coach’ partnership. They are on the something special here and I know I am not alone when I say please give us more. Maybe something with Minnie next?

In case you want to look at the full line, here is the link for the Disney x Coach collection. Feel free to click it, it’s for convenience only – no affiliate links or anything here 🙂 Here are a few photos of what I did purchase:




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