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Peter & the Wolf in Hollywood (1)Do you remember your first introduction to Peter and the Wolf? I always knew it was classical music, but really paid attention to the details of this classic when I saw the 1946 animated Disney short. As a child, I marveled how characters were recognized and brought to life through music. I will admit, I may have never listened to this as a child if I hadn’t seen this cartoon. It definitely sparked my interest to learn more.

Peter & the Wolf in Hollywood (1)As a parent, I made sure to introduce my children to this classic as well. I can say that the Disney version did inspire my children to see Peter and the Wolf performed in other artistic ways as well – symphonies, dances, plays, puppet shows – you name it. If something is telling the story of Peter and the Wolf, my kids are there (even the grown up kids now).

Now, there is a new version of Peter and the Wolf for today’s generation. Actually, this is more like a sequel, if you will. It’s called “Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood,” and it is narrated by none other than Alice Cooper. Before you can say, “School’s out for summer,” (you sang that, didn’t you?), yes, the Alice Cooper. And no, this is not a Disney version.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is a revival of the classic Peter and the Wolf tale brought to you by acclaimed production company, Giants Are Small. This version brings Peter to Hollywood to meet his hippie grandfather while bringing classical music elements to life. Peter, along with all of the characters in the movie book, are narrated and brought to life by Rock n’ Roll legend, Alice Cooper. Connect with Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood on Facebook and Twitter.

But this is a family version. And that is really the most important part. There are a few versions of this app. You can download a free iPhone version, which I did, because I am not one to spend money on apps – especially if I’m not sure just how much they will be used. There is a deluxe iPad version, which costs $4.99. So let’s talk about the free version.

I downloaded the free iPhone app (on the iPad – because, this IS a storybook) and we sat down to watch. I will admit that I thought it was a bit bizarre at first. I did like Alice Cooper back in the day, but I was wondering where the amazement would come from for this story and WHY they picked Alice Cooper. Within moments, I knew.

Peter & the Wolf in Hollywood (1)The animation and way that the story is portrayed is so very unique. Combinations of live photos, stop motion, drawings, and other artistic factors are all brought into this story. This is a modern day version, so our hero, Peter, hops a plane from Russia to visit his grandfather (Cooper) in America – Hollywood, no less. And when Grandpa pulls up, it is definitely NOT what Peter expected! Grandpa is a hippie – and if you pay close attention, you will hear a hidden “school’s out for summer” in the story!

The free version does have a downside. As we were swept up in the story and really enjoying it, about halfway through, it lets you know that if you want to hear the rest of the story, you have to download the full version. And, as I expected, NDK wanted to know the rest of the story. The full version($4.99) does include mini games as well as the full story – which is not short by any means. It’s almost an hour long! Everything that you see in the animation was handmade first, and then photographed or animated. You do get a bonus behind the scenes looks in the app as well. Interactive games are also included.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood PartyWith all of this goodness, we had a “premiere party” courtesy of MomSelect. They were kind enough to send lots of goodies for the event. The kids were more interested in the app than anything else. Well, maybe the popcorn and snacks were interesting, too!

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**Disclosure statement: My post is a part of a promotional program with MomSelect.  I was provided with party favors and a small gift in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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