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CanadaWomenU15 HaitiWomenU15 CelebrationTwenty-two nations from across the CONCACAF region, as well as invitee Venezuela from CONMEBOL, will take to the pitch at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort for the 2016 CONCACAF Under-16 Girls’ Championships, a soccer tournament highlighting up and coming female soccer stars. The tournament is designed to encourage development for youth players from across the Confederation, while promoting competition at the international level for all member associations.

The Cayman Islands hosted the 2014 event, with Canada coming away as the champions after defeating Haiti 4-1 in penalties.

Below is the schedule for the 2016 CONCACAF U-15 Girls’ Championships, Aug. 9-21. All games are held at ESPN Wide world of Sports Complex. Games featuring the U.S. girls’ national team are in bold:


Aug. 9
United States vs. Trinidad & Tobago
9 a.m.
Field 17
Aug. 9Mexico vs. Haiti11 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 10
United States vs. Mexico
9 a.m. Field 19
Aug. 10Trinidad & Tobago vs. Dominican Republic11 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 12Dominican Republic vs. Mexico9 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 12
United States vs. Haiti
11 a.m.
Field 16
Aug. 13Haiti vs. Trinidad & Tobago9 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 13
United States vs. Dominican Republic
11 a.m.
Field 19
Aug. 15Haiti vs. Dominican Republic9 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 15Trinidad & Tobago vs. Mexico11 a.m.Field 17


Aug. 9Canada vs. Venezuela9 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 9Costa Rica vs. Jamaica11 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 10Costa Rica vs. Canada9 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 10Venezuela vs. El Salvador11 a.m. Field 17
Aug. 11El Salvador vs. Costa Rica9 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 11Canada vs. Jamaica11 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 13Jamaica vs. Venezuela9 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 13El Salvador vs. Canada11 a.m. Field 16
Aug. 15Jamaica vs. El Salvador9 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 15Venezuela vs. Costa Rica11 a.m.Field 16


Aug. 9Puerto Rico vs. Santa Lucia9 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 9Nicaragua vs. Grenada11 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 10Nicaragua vs. Puerto Rico9 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 10Santa Lucia vs. St. Vincent & the Grenadines11 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 12St. Vincent & the Grenadines vs. Nicaragua9 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 12Puerto Rico vs. Grenada11 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 14Grenada vs. Santa Lucia9 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 14St. Vincent & the Grenadines vs. Puerto Rico11 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 15Grenada vs. St. Vincent & the Grenadines9 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 15Santa Lucia vs. Nicaragua11 a.m.Field 19


Aug. 11Barbados vs. U.S. Virgin Islands9 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 11Curacao vs. Anguilla11 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 12U.S. Virgin Islands vs. Curacao9 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 12Anguilla vs. Barbados11 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 14Curacao vs. Barbados9 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 14Anguilla vs. U.S. Virgin Islands11 a.m.Field 17


Aug. 11Bermuda vs. Cayman Islands9 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 11Antigua & Barbuda vs. Bahamas11 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 13Cayman Islands vs. Antigua & Barbuda9 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 13Bahamas vs. Bermuda11 a.m.Field 17
Aug. 14Antigua & Barbuda vs. Bermuda9 a.m.Field 19
Aug. 14Bahamas vs. Cayman Islands11 a.m.Field 19


43Aug. 17Group A Winner vs. Group E Winner9 a.m.Field 17
45Aug. 17Group B Second Place vs. Group C Second Place11 a.m.Field 17
44Aug. 17Group B Winner vs. Group D Winner9 a.m.Field 16
Aug. 17Group C Winner vs. Group A Second Place11 a.m.Field 16


47Aug. 19W 43 vs. W 459 a.m.Field 17
48Aug. 19W 44 vs. W 4611 a.m.Field 17


Aug. 21L 47 vs. L 489 a.m.Field 17


Aug. 21W 47 vs. W 489 a.m.Field 17


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