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Star Tours Paper Fast Pass - Throwback Thursday


The new MyDisney Experience (MDE) has benefits, but one thing it lacks is spontaneity. The ability to visit a park and grab whatever fastpass you can is still available, but on a different scale. Everything is done through an app on your phone now, and the days of paper fastpasses are long gone. Sure, you can still go to a park at the last minute, and you can still schedule fastpasses through the app or a kiosk, but it just isn’t the same. Most of the bigger attractions have been booked – for at least a month.

In reality, it IS nice to schedule a fastpass, even when you make an impromptu trip to a park through the app. There is no more running to the attraction to insert your park ticket and get the paper fastpass in return. But there was a bit of fun in having a paper fastpass for a memory. If it was the first time NDK rode a ride, we would ask for an expired fastpass to remember the date.

Which version do you like better – paper fastpasses or the new MDE app?

What do you think?

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