Rockin' Ever After Disney on Ice 2012 - Throwback ThursdayWith the kick-off for Disney on Ice starting in Orlando tomorrow, let’s throwback to 2012 when Disney on Ice brought Rockin’ Ever After on tour!

This was an amazing show, as it featured Disney’s newest princess, Merida! It was a very well done show, showcasing Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, Brave, and Beauty and the Beast. Bringing two little girls for their first time ever, they were completely mesmerized by this show – even though the parks are their “backyard”. There is always something magical about Disney on Ice and the memories it creates. Brave was really the part they were super excited to see, but the above photo from Beauty and the Beast was the best that I took on my little iPhone 4s (yes, I have slightly upgraded since then). The details that are added to the arena for an ice skating show are amazing! NDK was awe-struck over this chandelier, but not as amazed by the flaming arrow shot by Merida!

Tomorrow we will be at the first show for “Follow Your Heart!” in Orlando. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for photos and video! I’m looking forward to a night of making more memories! Do you have tickets to see Disney on Ice where you live?


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