I have been running for just over a year now. I am one that always likes to have a bracelet on my wrist. This doesn’t always work for hot sweaty runs or hot sweaty days in the parks.
It was early in my running I found Susan’s wraps on a fan page for some popular running shirts. I decided to order a couple for up coming runs. I fell in love and have been wanting to add more to my collection ever since. I have used mine in the Star Wars 10K Dark Side race and they are so comfortable, I find myself using then on non runs too.
Susan was gracious enough to agree to be interviewed for DDL.

Jill: How long have you been making these bracelets?

Susan: My “shop anniversary” is coming up on October 21st, but I started making them for myself a few months before.

Jill: What inspired you to start making these?

Susan: I had just started running the prior winter, and had signed up for my first half marathon (the Wine & Dine Half in Walt Disney World). About 6 months into training, I injured my hip, and the recovery wasn’t going well. I started looking any and everywhere for anything inspirational (and specifically, Disney inspired), but when it came to clothing and jewelry I was having terrible luck because of my skin sensitivities. I had stumbled across a line of bamboo clothing that I LOVED – Disney inspired AND no chaffing? It was love at first wear. But I had come up against a wall when it came to jewelry – so I did what I typically do in that situation: I made it myself. I ended up making a bracelet that matched one of my favorite shirts and shared it in a fan group for my beloved clothing line, and a few weeks later I officially opened up shop.

Jill: Are they mostly Disney/Running inspired?

Susan: I’d say almost everything in the shop is either Disney OR running inspired, but the emphasis is definitely on Disney (other fandoms, like Harry Potter, also have a small presence). The wraps are absolutely runner-friendly, but I’d only classify a small portion as specifically targeted AT runners.

Jill: Do you take special orders?

Susan: I do! At the moment, I’ve had to scale back because I’m working on building my own stand-alone website and that’s taking up most of the time I would otherwise devote to custom pieces. I’m hoping to have the new site up and running by early October, and with it, several new options for custom items. In the mean time, I’ve been opening up slots for customized pieces as time allows, and you’ll find those announcements on my Instagram account, @emmelinebydesign.

Jill: I now have 3 wraps and I saw you have some other creations online do you have more ideas for accessories to come?

Susan: I’ve added 3 new styles since May, so I don’t think I’ll be introducing a new one for a bit. That being said, I am adding new designs in existing styles on a weekly basis, so there will still be plenty of new things coming. I’m also waiting on some fabulous new custom fonts for my stamped metal styles, so many of my current designs will be getting a face lift in the near future. I do have something in mind for the Christmas season, but I’m still working out the details, so stay tuned!

Some wraps and new styles:

alissamwc2 IMG_1940 IMG_2083 IMG_2089 IMG_2129 IMG_1437 IMG_1464 IMG_2099

Jill: What are the current styles for sale?

Susan: I currently have wrap cuffs ($15-18), solid metal cuffs ($17-20), wire wrapped bangles ($15-$20), and beaded charm bracelets with both shape ($12) & hand stamped charms ($15)

Jill: What has been your best seller?

Susan: The wraps have been around the longest, so they’re definitely still my top seller. Some of the most popular designs are “Every Mile Will Be Worth My While”, “Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas”, “Ohana”, and “Have Courage & Be Kind”. That being said, the newer styles are definitely catching up.

Here are some links for her most popular:

  • Every Mile: https://www.etsy.com/listing/252991276/every-mile-will-be-worth-my-while
  • Por Favor: http://etsy.me/1r08toh
  • Ohana: https://www.etsy.com/listing/252888001/ohana-hibiscus-lilo-and-stitch
  • Have Courage & Be Kind: https://www.etsy.com/listing/252885627/have-courage-and-be-kind-cinderella

Jill: How long does it take to make them?

Susan: The process varies pretty radically between styles, but from start to finish (including packaging) most items take about 30 minutes.

Jill: I know we can find you on Facebook and Etsy but is there anywhere else we can find you?

Susan: The absolute best place to follow me is Instagram, @emmelinebydesign – I do ALL of my updates & specials there, and it’s often the ideal place to reach me for quick questions. I will be moving off Etsy this fall, but the web address www.emmelinebydesign.com will continue to work (currently, it redirects you to my Etsy site).

Jill: And because this is a Disney blog:
What is your favorite park?

Susan: I am a Disney addict (obviously), so these questions are SO hard! Last year, the answer would have been Hollywood Studios since my family almost always travels during the Christmas season, and the Osborne Lights were hands-down my favorite thing in all of WDW. With their removal, I default to Magic Kingdom.

Jill: What is your favorite attraction?

Susan: The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland; Yes, they are different, and I’ve only gotten engaged in one of them.

Jill: What is your favorite snack?

Susan: At least this one is easy, I’m a Dole Whip Float girl!

I would like to than Susan for taking time to answer my questions and for all of the DDL readers who would like to order something  you can get 10%  with code DDLFAN!

What will you order?

What do you think?

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