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Growing up inn the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Aleisha has never let distance stop her from enjoying Walt Disney World vacations. From an early age, whether it be on a family vacation or tagging along with a friend on her vacation, she fell in love with the magic and the joy that Disney brought. Now making her own memories as a DVC member with a Star Wars obsessed little boy, she tries to capture the same magical feelings into every day life. She has quickly established a reputation with friends, relatives and coworkers as a real-life Belle. Always with a book in her hand and available to help others plan their magical Disney vacations. Beyond Disney, Aleisha is a lover of all genres of music; craves a good concert from time to time, considers her food allergies a blessing rather than a curse and can be seen at the good old hockey game during the NHL season.


2_BabyCareHave you heard about Disney’s best kept secret? No I am not talking about the Disney Vacation Club, but rather the Baby Care Centers. Yes, I had heard of them years ago, and even used them with my first child. But it wasn’t until this past trip with my infant daughter that I got the opportunity to really get to see what they have to offer.

We decided to try out those Baby Care Centers that we saw, and barely used with the first one. And I have to say, if you have never used them, and you are planning on going with a baby let me tell you, it’s a great place that I think most forget about.

Here is a little more about the Baby Care Centers and what they have to offer

Emergency Supplies

One afternoon, we grabbed up the baby bag, our MagicBands and the kids and headed out the door. When we entered the park, we realized we had left my daughter’s formula back on the table of the room. Aside from feeling pretty horrible, I began to panic. My husband was just about ready to go all the way back to the room when we were reminded that the care centers are stocked with extra supplies! The center is stocked with Carnation Good Start formulas, Gerber foods and juices to purchase just for times like this. And it is not just feeding needs. Out of diapers? They offer Huggies diapers and wipes, bottles and nipples. I believe I even saw a pacifier or two should you need.

They also offer microwaves and a sink so you can make or warm up food. Other things for purchase include: lotions, sunscreen, and some children’s over-the-counter medications (which came in handy for teething).

Changing Areas

Each center has a changing table area. These are separate from the other rooms. They are more padded than the changing tables you will find in the bathrooms and offer a lot more comfort to your little ones. Most of the locations have at least four per room, so there is plenty of room for multiple families to change their little ones.

Feeding Areas

Whether you breastfeed your baby or formula feed, these centers offer something for both. If you breastfeed, there are private rooms with rockers to do so. While my daughter is formula fed, we were even encouraged to use it when no one else was there to help her sleep. I have to say, I found it great that they offer this. Regardless of your stance, it is nice to see that mothers can go somewhere private and quiet.

For the older ones, they offer highchairs and kid tables to sit at. I know this will come in handy once my daughter really gets in to eating more solid baby food.

Child-friendly Bathrooms

Are you currently in the midst of potty training? The Baby Care Centers has child size toilets perfect for doing so! They do ask that it is just for toddlers/kids, so keep that in mind. But it is perfect for potty training little ones.

Quiet Rooms

Aside from the changing table and the kitchens, each center has a small room which is usually playing a movie. The day we took advantage of EPCOT’s Baby Care Center, they were playing Toy Story 2. I loved the fact my son (and my husband) was able to watch a movie while I attended to my daughter. This room also had books, and small toys for the kids to play with. It was a great area to get out of the heat and rest for a bit. The air conditioning was welcome for everyone.

Cast Members

We ran in to some incredibly helpful Cast Members working these stations, all were there to assist when we needed. They will help with purchasing your items and answer any questions. It is important to note that these centers were clean, and I was informed that the Cast Members have to clean/sterilize all the toys and equipment after each family leaves.

Locations of Each:

Magic Kingdom: Located near the First Aid Station between Casey’s Corner and The Crystal Palace. This can be a loud and busier location. This location does not let you bring in your stroller.

Epcot: Located in the Odyssey Center between Test Track and the Showcase Plaza. This is quite a large Baby Care Center, it has plenty of room! This location does not let you bring in your stroller.

Animal Kingdom: Located to the left of the Tree of Life in the building right before you cross the bridge into Africa. This center allows you to bring your stroller in!

Hollywood Studios: Located inside of Guest Relations near the main entrance to the park. This is quite a smaller location, with only 2 changing tables. This location does not let you bring in your stroller.

*The Water Parks and Disney Springs do not have Baby Care Centers, but they do have changing tables in the bathrooms.

I highly recommend using the Baby Care Centers the next time you head down with a baby. If nothing more than to take a break from the heat. Believe me, everyone will thank you later.

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