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Story time is always a favorite in this Neurotic Disney home. NDK (Neurotic Disney Kid) is old enough to read, but not too old to still be read to! Books are wonderful on so many levels. We keep them everywhere – even in the car! Disney Books are a great way to keep Disney at home. Disney Book Group was kind enough to send these books for NDK approval – be sure to look for the NDK Review after the description of each book!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Disney FansI have always believed that a book is the gift that keeps on giving! In our house, we have a fun tradition of handing out New Years’ presents at midnight. Now stick with me for a minute before you think I have completely lost my mind. For New Year’s, I usually find everyone in our family a book as a gift. I feel that the best way to start off the new year is by handing everyone a great book! Here are just a few of my favorite NEW holiday themed books from Disney Publishing that would make any neurotic Disney child or adult happy to receive, no matter when!

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  • Return to the Isle of the LostReturn to the Isle of the Lost:  A Descendants Novel
  • By Melissa de la Cruz
  • Price: $17.99 USD/$18.99 CAN

Mal’s an expert at intimidating her enemies, but she’s broken the habit since leaving her villainous roots behind. So when she and her friends Evie, Carlos, and Jay all receive threatening messages demanding they return home, Mal can’t believe it. Sure, she’s King Ben’s girlfriend now, and she’s usually nice to her classmates, but she still didn’t think anyone would be silly enough to try to push her around.

The thing is, it kind of worked. Especially since she and her friends have a sneaking suspicion that their villainous parents are behind the messages. And when Evie looks into her magic mirror, what she sees only confirms their fears. Maleficent’s just a tiny lizard after her run-in with Mal at Ben’s Coronation, but she’s the worst villain in the land for a reason. Could she have found a way to escape? Whatever’s going on, Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay know they have to sneak back to the Isle and get to the bottom of it.

Without its infamous leader, the island’s even worse than when they left it, but the comforts of home-even a home as gloomy as the Isle of the Lost-can be hard to resist for recently reformed villains. Will the kids be able to beat the evil bubbling at the Isle’s wicked core, or will the plot to destroy Auradon succeed?

  • Star Darlings: Good Wish Gone BadStar Darlings: Good Wish Gone Bad
  • By Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa
  • Price:$13.99 USD/ $15.50 CAN

After defeating Rancora, the Star Darlings are looking for clues about her origin. They soon discover the wish-troubled history between Lady Stella and the evil Lady Rancora that dates back to when the two women were teens at Starling Academy. They also learn new secrets about the women’s friendship and how it relates to the negative energy crisis that almost destroyed Starland… and the danger that still threatens their way of life. Includes a full-color double-sided poster!

  • Star Darlings: Stealing StarlightStar Darlings: Stealing Starlight
  • By Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa
  • Price: $12.99 USD/$13.99 CAN

A girl on Earth has made a terrible wish.

And it’s one that could hurt her best friend. Now Vivica, Starling Academy’s mean girl, is on her way to help grant it. The Star Darlings must stop her–otherwise Rancora’s evil power will be restored.

But will they be able to change the wisher’s bitter heart?

  • Star Darlings Wish-a-Day DiaryStar Darlings: Wish-a-Day Diary
  • Price: $14.99 USD/$16.50 CAN

This interactive journal begins with a short story about Piper and her wish diary, and continues with 365 pages of inspirational messages, based on the themes of celebrating uniqueness, thinking positively, and making your own wishes come true. Each page will have space for the reader to write, dream, and doodle.

The NDK Review:

The Star Darlings Wish-A-Day Diary is a journal for you to write in every day. You could fill it out with things that happened to you, special moments or just your every day thoughts. You can use this for a full year because there are 365 pages. I am excited to start this on January 1st! This would make a great gift for a Star Darlings fan.

  • Frozen Do You Want a Hug?Frozen: Do You Want a Hug?
  • Price: $10.99 USD/$11.99 CAN

Play hide-and-seek with Olaf in this adorable storybook that’s the perfect length for newly-independent readers.

Frozen Storybook Collection

  • Frozen: Storybook Collection
  • Price: $16.99 USD/$17.99 CAN

The Frozen Storybook Collection, featuring gilded pages and eighteen stories with over 250 pieces of spot and full-page art, is a must-have for any Frozen fan!

Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure

  • Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure
  • Written and Illustrated by Matthew Reinhart
  • Price: $40.00 USD/CAN

Featuring nearly 20 pop-ups from the New York Times best-selling author, artist, and pop-up master, Matthew Reinhart, this breathtaking work of art revisits the enduring story of Frozen. Elsa and Anna’s remarkable adventure lives on in a magnificent display of paper engineering and artistic devotion. Frozen Pop-Up is a vibrant tribute to these beloved characters and teaches readers of all ages to let it go.

The NDK Review:

When I first saw this book, I thought it was a lift-the-flap book. Boy was I wrong! Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure is a short version of the movie! The artwork is amazing. The pop-ups are very detailed, but a few are hard to pull. Some of the pop-ups can move when you pull on the tabs. This pop-up adventure is not for little children. The pop ups are very delicate. This is more for older children and adults. The story is definitely not short, and could be too long for a small child. There are hidden flaps that have more of the story and pop-ups. It is a beautiful book.

  • Frozen Adventure NotebookFrozen: Northern Lights: Adventure Notebook
  • By Jessica Julius and Becky Matheson
  • Price: $12.99 USD/$13.99 CAN

A book written by Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, who take turns documenting their action-packed journey to the Northern Lights. The guide features full-color journal entries and doodles created by your favorite characters, plus a double-sided pull-out poster!

The NDK Review:

The Frozen Northern Lights Adventure Notebook is about their journey to the Troll Valley to see the Crystal Ceremony. This is not a chapter book, but a journal style story. This story is written by Anna, Elsa and Kristoff. They take turns adding to the journal story. Each character takes turns “writing” in the journal. You know this because it is in their handwriting. I like this – it is neat to read their words in their handwriting. The story is cute and I like the new troll adventure. Any Frozen fan would like this fun adventure!

  •  The Art of Minnie MouseThe Art of Minnie Mouse
  • Price: $40.00 USD/CAN

Minnie Mouse embodies a constant reminder to girls of all ages-including grown-ups!-to live confidently and express themselves. In The Art of Minnie Mouse, Disney artists, designers, illustrators, and animators from around the world reimagine their favorite Minnie styles and portray them in a variety of mediums. Minnie’s earliest incarnation, her classic red polka-dot look, and trendy modern styles are all newly incarnated in water color, pastel, oil paint, colored pencil, mixed media, and computer graphics pieces that range from the traditional to the unconventional. The book also features a never-before-published comprehensive filmography of Minnie’s animated appearances as well as a visual timeline of her career milestones.

The NDK Review:

This book is all about an artistic view of Minnie Mouse. There is a section that is dedicated to her milestones. The pictures are very cool. I love the different images of Minnie Mouse.

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