**Editor’s Note – NDM Letty’s daughter, Anastasia, thought about sorting Disney princesses into Hogwarts and explaining why. With Disney Princess Half Marathon upon us, I thought this would be too much fun not to share! Read what Anya has to say below. What do you think? Do you agree with our young author or have your own thoughts? Be sure to share  in the comments below!

Disney Princesses sorted into their Hogwarts Houses

What if our favorite princesses went to Hogwarts? Read on to see my best guesstimate on which house the sorting hat might chose on a few of these fan favorites.

Snow-White-HufflepuffSnow White is sorted into Hufflepuff! She shows a very caring heart towards all of the woodland animals who try to comfort her. She is very helpful around the house with cleaning and cooking and is always in the mood to help if someone needs it.


Next is Jasmine: Slytherin. She is willing to break the rules to do what she wants and she isn’t going to let anyone stop her. Jasmine also gets very witty (wink) when she’s stuck in a bad situation with Jafar.Pocahontas-Gryffindor

Pocahontas is a true Gryffindor because of her free spirit. She is willing to save another’s life by literally risking her own. With her powerful voice she can stop any war.belle

Belle is in Ravenclaw for her book smarts of course as she seems to be the only girl in her town that reads. She is definitely smart enough to stay away from Gaston and is willing to learn more about the Beast and who he really is.  Cinderella-Hufflepuff

Cinderella is a Hufflepuff! She’s always trying to do the right thing without losing her sanity over her stepmother and sisters. She greets every morning with a smile and all of her mice friends that she saved are always there for her.mulan

Mulan is a Gryffindor! She freaking saved an entire country just so her father didn’t have to fight. That shows just how much she cares for her father and how she isn’t afraid to fight in an army for him.Tiana-Ravenclaw

I think Tiana would fit best in Ravenclaw because she focuses on her work so much to try and make enough money to get her restaurant. She also tried to knock some sense into Charlotte that you can’t get anything from wishing on stars; you have to work for it. She’s also very surprised that Naveen didn’t even think twice before getting into trouble with Dr. Facilliar. rapunz

Hufflepuff favors healers, so of course Rapunzel is perfect for this house because of her willingness to help others when they are hurt with her magical hair. She’s also very friendly to animals like Pascale and Maximus and realizes that ruffians and thugs aren’t too bad once you get to know them.


About the author: Anastasia Nardone is a high school student in her sophomore year. Anya is a Disney fan much like her mother. She enjoys performing on stage in her school productions. Her sport is fencing where she competes as a cadet in women’s foil. She hopes to someday study performing arts in college.

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