Beauty & the Beast PunchbowlHave you been thinking about inviting a few friends to see Disney’s live action remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast?’ Or maybe hosting a Beauty and the Beast themed party? Now you can invite your friends in style! has just unveiled an exclusive, free online invitation for Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast! This is the newest addition to The Disney Online Invitation Collection launched in 2014, and is perfect for Disney fans who want to invite friends to see the premiere together. 

Movie Magic Giveaway punchbowl invitations

Be sure to enter the ‘Movie Magic Giveaway.’ Anyone who sends one of the new Beauty and the Beast invitations to four or more friends between March 5 – 27th is eligible to win a $50 gift card to cover all their movie popcorn and snacks. Be sure to get all the details for “Movie Magic Giveaway” here.

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