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Beuaty and the BeastWith all the controversy surrounding Disney’s newest live action remake, “Beauty and the Beast,” I wanted to share a conversation I had with 9-year-old NDK the other day. I think it is very important to remember that children have such a different viewpoint than we do as adults.

In the beginning, I had no issue taking NDK to see this movie. We had seen “Cinderella” and adored it. Knowing the story of “Beauty and the Beast,” I really felt that she would actually commit to seeing this movie with me. She adamantly refuses to watch “The Jungle Book” due to the intensity. She backed out of “Pete’s Dragon” at the last minute, because the book made her cry. She is a child who is only interested in happy movies that have happy endings. Knowing that “Beauty and the Beast” has a happy ending, but a bit of turbulence (Belle and the wolves and the storming of the castle), I figured I had better ask.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Are you going to see “Beauty and the Beast with me?

NDK: I don’t think so. It might be scary.

Me: Well, of course it has scary parts. But you know the story – you know what happens. No one dies, well, except for the Beast, but he comes back to life.

NDK: And Gaston. Gaston dies too.

Me: Ok, yes, but that doesn’t count. He’s the bad guy.

NDK: True, but what if when Gaston tries to kill Beast, they show fake blood?

Me: Umm, it’s fake….

NDK: But STILLLLLLL….it’s FAKE BLOOD. That’s just wrong. I really don’t know why movie people think that kind of stuff is entertaining. Why would I want to see blood? Why would anyone want to see blood? That’s just gross. I just think this movie is for grown ups.

And there you have it. The biggest controversy in my house over “Beauty and the Beast” does not involve a “momentous” scene. It does not involve whether or not too much cleavage is being shown. It does not matter that a young girl falls in love with a beast. All that matters is that there COULD be fake blood.

Fake. Blood.

Kids really keep it simple, don’t they?  I am a little heartbroken that she will not see the movie with me, but I am most certain her self-imposed ban of these movies will not last forever.

“Beauty and the Beast” is in theaters on Friday. I really want to love this movie as much as I loved “Cinderella.” Watch for my review later in the week. How excited are you for this movie?


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