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Tamela loves living her Disneyside in the parks and Everywhere! Since, at age of 4 Tamela has loved the joy and memories that Disney has added to her life. After being diagnosed with Lupus in her early 30’s, she has cherished everyday and there is no better way then living life showing her Disneyside! Tamela enjoys planning vacations, photography, parties, and just going about her daily activities but one thing is for sure, she will always be Showing her Disneyside! Tamela’s husband (Dale) and sons (Daelan and Landen) enjoy sharing the love of Disney with her!


Taking a bunch of teenagers to Walt Disney World for graduation celebration is a BLAST! I know your thinking, UGH! Well, I did it last summer and it really was the perfect Graduation Vacation! The process is much easier than you would think. It does require a little planning and commitment, but it is really fun for everyone that comes.

Graduation Celebration at Disney Tamela H (1)We had 2 graduates and 10 going to celebrate! We started off with a large group of 40+. With 10 rooms or more, you can go through the Disney Groups Getaways. This is an amazing arrangement. They basically do the planning for you, but if you end up like me with a smaller group, it is still pretty simple.

I booked our rooms using a special room discount offer and then linked our rooms together. To link rooms, you will need the name, address, and birthdate for the head of each room. If some are staying longer (before or after), that is no problem, Disney will link your rooms so that the nights you are staying as a group, your rooms will be near one another.

Graduation Celebration at Disney Tamela H (1)One thing I highly recommend adding to your celebration is the Disney PhotoPass! Your My Disney Experience App will give you locations to grab a quick photo. Make sure everyone in your party scans their MagicBand after every ride that is applicable. This is a wonderful way to take the memories home with you!

Food is always VERY important for teens! Depending on your budget, the dining packages are amazing for large groups. If you decide to go with Quick Service Dining option, it will allow the group to eat as they please, but I recommend booking at least one fun, sit-down dining experience. We made reservations at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. It was a huge hit for all ages!

Your Graduation Celebration at Walt Disney World will be unforgettable! Be prepared to make memories that will last a lifetime! Watch your teens embrace this Walt Disney World vacation through new eyes! My teens have been several times a year for their entire lives but a Graduation Vacation with their friends at Walt Disney World allowed that little kid in them to pop out and be 5 years old again! As a mom, it was so fun to just follow the kids around and watch them all enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth!

Graduation Celebration at Disney Tamela H (1) Graduation Celebration at Disney Tamela H (1) Graduation Celebration at Disney Tamela H (1)

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