Disney Chic Beauty and Beast CoutureIn my dresser drawer I have, at last count, about a dozen Disney themed t-shirts. I have the quintessential Mickey Mouse shirt, a shirt with Bambi, another one with Pooh. I have a favorite Disneyland 55 shirt from the Disney Store Outlet ($12!). For the most part, I purchased all my Disney merchandise from the Disney Store. There may be something from Forever 21, but I forget. I must admit I am a woman of a certain age. Should I still wear Mickey Mouse t-shirts? But I love that shirt. My students ( I am a high school librarian) think I’m rather cool to wear it. My daughters often like stealing borrowing my clothes. It does rattle me somewhat that perhaps I haven’t found Disney inspired clothing that would appeal to a mature lady (ok, middle aged, but let’s not go there). My problem, if I think it is actually a problem, has been solved. Today I discovered the Disney themed collection of Christopher Kane. Allow me to share some of his line with you.

To tell the truth, I don’t see myself wearing anything here. I’ll stick to HotTopic if I need something Disney but maybe a little grown up. (HotTopic? Really?)

Rose Tulle A-line dress: $3,345. This does not immediately strike me as Beauty and the Beast merchandise. But you can see the influence from the rose details.

Christopher Kane Disney Beauty & the Beast Inspired Collection Rose Tulle Dress


Rose tea set hanging earrings: $195. No indication if it’s gold.

Christopher Kane Disney Collection Tea Cup Earrings

Bear intarsia sweatshirt: $745. This is just for the sweatshirt. Apparently the pants are not included. Beastly don’t you think?

Christopher Kane Disney Collection Beast Sweatshirt


What do you think of this collection? Would it be something you would add to your collection? Check out more inspired wear from the Christopher Kane Beauty and the Beast Collection.

What do you think?

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