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Story time is always a favorite in this Neurotic Disney home. NDK (Neurotic Disney Kid) is old enough to read, but not too old to still be read to! Books are wonderful on so many levels. We keep them everywhere – even in the car! Disney Books are a great way to keep Disney at home. Disney Book Group was kind enough to send these books for NDK approval – be sure to look for the NDK Review after the description of each book!

The NDK Review - Spring Break Fun ReadsFun picture books are always a great way to spend a little down time. Whether your little bookworm is independently reading or not, these new books from Disney Publishing are sure to be a hit in your house. This time, we are reviewing three adorable picture books that will appeal to not only the little ones, but adults, too! Night Night, Groot will be on shelves very soon (April 4, 2017), but the Whisker Haven collection is available now!

  • Night Night GrootNight Night, Groot
  • Price: $12.99 * On Sale 4/4/17
  • Page Count: 32

The NDK Review:

Night Night, Groot is a cute bedtime story for all little kids. It’s bedtime for Baby Groot, but Rocket the Raccoon has other ideas! He takes Baby Groot on an adventure instead of going to bed. They are joined by other Marvel Super Heroes for an fantastic adventure that will send kids off to sleep with exciting dreams!

The illustrations in this story are very colorful and friendly. I think my favorite is Baby Groot. He is so cute! All little Marvel Super Hero fans will enjoy this bedtime story.

From the publisher:

Follow Guardians of the Galaxy breakout anti-heroes, Groot and Rocket the Raccoon on a thrilling bedtime adventure in Night Night, Groot by Brendan Deneen and award-winning illustrator Cale Atkinson.

It’s been a long day for baby Groot and he’s ready to be tucked in for bed. Just as his eyes start to close, Rocket Raccoon bursts onto the scene! Groot can’t go to sleep yet, there’s a whole galaxy that needs to be defended and they must work together to save the day! Then maybe, just maybe, Groot will finally get the rest he deserves!

With adorable illustration and told in a simple, fun rhyme-style, Night Night,Groot is sure to be a family favorite for Super heroes and Heroines in the making!

The Whisker Haven Palace Pets series are a fun adventure for all Princess fans! These story books come with a pet your child can play with or display. There is plenty of opportunities for storytelling to continue after reading the books with the fun puzzle accessory that come with each tale! Each book comes with a 128 page story book, collectible toy, fun play scenes, and a matching accessory.

Sultan’s Triumph

Sultan’s Triumphs - Whisker Haven

It’s all paws on deck as the Palace Pets celebrate the Whisker Haven Carnival! At the event, there are splendificent rides and games galore. But when Sultan’s competitive nature comes out in full force, it’s only a matter of time before he learns how to play fair. This deluxe box features a storybook with five brand-new tales about Sultan, collectible toy, fun play scenes, and punch-out go-kart. Following the action-packed stories, place the mini Sultan toy on the go-kart, and zoom off to adventure!

Petite’s Great Feats

Petite’s Great Feats - Whisker Haven

It’s all paws on deck as the Palace Pets and Critterzens celebrate Whisker Haven Buddies Day! Petite and Nyle compete in an obstacle course, and Petite is crowned for being a great team player. But when the crown magically sticks to her head, it’s up to Petite to figure out a way to get it off! This deluxe box features a storybook with five brand-new tales about Petite, a collectible toy, fun play scenes, and a punch-out hayride. Following the action-packed stories, place the mini Petite toy on the hayride and let the parade begin!

The NDK Review:

I really like the Whisker Haven Tales. They are a fun collection. Whisker Haven Tales always have a moral to the story they tell. These books are not just for little kids. They are not hard to read, but there is enough to each story that someone my age would enjoy them too.

The coolest part of this collection is that each story comes with a Whisker Haven Palace Pet, a reversible background and a puzzle. The puzzle is not a table puzzle, but an accessory for your pet that match the story! Sultan’s Triumph comes with Sultan and his go-cart for your own adventures. Petite’s Great Feats comes with Petite, and a cart for a hayride. It’s so much fun to set these up and have your own adventures.

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