runDo you “train” before going to Disney?? Prior to our very first trip to Disney World – I took my then six and eight year olds on fast-paced long walks around our neighborhood. They HATED it! I just kept saying – “C’mon! Keep up! We’re in training for the parks!”

Here are a few tips if you are gearing up for your first trip to the World:

  • Don’t wear brand new shoes. You read that correctly. Don’t. You will be much more comfortable wearing shoes that are nicely broken in and have the right amount of “give” in them.
  • If you are not used to a lot of walking on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to start taking walks or increasing the length of your walks to help you increase your stamina and ready your body for the increased level of activity.
  • Stay well hydrated! You can bring in your own water bottles and fill them up throughout the day at most of the Quick Service restaurants.
  • When you or others in your party need to rest a bit, there are several attractions at each park where you can sit a bit, out of the sun, in air conditioning.
  • Consider bringing or renting a stroller for children under age 7 – even with as much energy as kids have, they will appreciate having a place to rest.

Now lace up those sneakers and start training!

What do you think?

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