It has been a while since you heard from me. In my hiatus, I discovered Lillian & Co. I will admit to stalking their Instagram posts for a while, looking at all the awesome Disney inspired sayings in the popular mantra style bracelet. I decided to stop stalking and treat myself. I started with 2 rose gold bracelets. I got “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” and “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow”. After getting these, I knew I had to share this find with Disney Driven Life readers. In my opinion, the quality is amazing and  I love the fact you can wear them daily – with beautiful Disney inspired sayings that will not look kiddish for adults. I reached out to the owners, Charity and Matt, to see where they got their inspiration. Also, if you read all the way to the end, there is a special discount code for our readers!

What made you start Lillian and Co?

So, Matt and I are serial entrepreneurs. Between the two of us, we’ve started several, mostly service based, businesses, so Lillian & Co. was the love child of our love of Disney and our love of starting businesses.

How long have you been in business?

We launched on September 23, 2016 with only one bracelet, DO AS DREAMERS DO, a line from the song from the now ended nighttime Magic Kingdom spectacular, Wishes. Still to this day, it’s our most popular bracelet.

I know you sell bracelets and recently watches will you be adding more to the line?

Watch & Bracelet

We have all kinds of plans to add new products to our store in the future, and we’re so excited to bring them to our Dreamers! It’s hard to be patient, but that’s all part of the growing process. So, be looking for some new and exciting products/collections coming to Lillian & Co. in the upcoming year!

What is your favorite saying?

This is such a hard question, because with each bracelet we launch we spend so much time thinking about it and connecting personally to what it says, so by the time we launch the bracelet it’s my new favorite quote! But kind of how Mickey was always Walt’s favorite since it all started with a mouse, I still have a special place in my heart for DO AS DREAMERS DO, since that’s the one we started with.

I am assuming the name is a tribute to Walt’s wife Lillian is that correct?

Yes, when we were looking to name our company, we knew we wanted it to be rooted in our love of Disney, and even though our company is for everyone, it’s mainly focused on women, so I asked myself the question, “What’s the feminine side of Walt Disney”? That’s when it hit me, Lillian Disney! Once we saw Lillian and the role she played in Walt’s life, everything we wanted to be as a company fell into place.

Do you take requests for bracelets?

We love hearing from our customers and the quotes they’d love to see on our bracelets. It helps us know which bracelets to release next. So, if you have Disney quotes you love, please let us know!!

How can someone submit a saying for a future design?

If you have a favorite saying you’d love to see on our bracelets, email us at or tweet at us at @lillianandco on Twitter!

Where can we find you?

You can shop on and daily we’re over on:

What are the bracelets made of and what finishes do they come in?

Our bracelets are made of surgical grade hypoallergenic stainless steel and are coated with 18K gold. Our bracelets come in silver, gold, and rose gold. Our watch cases are made of the same stainless steel, and our leather bands are made of genuine calf skin leather.

What are the prices?

Our bracelets sell for $26. Our Kingswell watch sells for $109, with $89 introductory pricing until August 1. The Burbank is $99, with $79 introductory pricing until August 1.

You have a way for people to earn points when they make purchases. Can you explain that?

Our dreamers rewards program allows you to earn points on every purchase you make. $1 spent equals 1 point earned, and these points can then be used for discounts on future purchases. You can read more about it and sign up on our site:

Disney Fan Questions

  • Favorite Attraction – My favorite attraction is Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean with Walt Disney World’s as a close second.
  • Favorite park – Our family vacationed at Disneyland this summer, so right now Disney’s California Adventure is my favorite park, but here at home it’s EPCOT.
  • Favorite snack – After it’s all said and done, I still get excited for a Mickey pretzel with lots of salt and mustard.
  • Favorite character – How can I pick one?? I guess right now, my favorite character is Moana. Her drive to follow her heart in spite of her fears and others telling her no, is so inspiring.







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