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Growing up inn the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Aleisha has never let distance stop her from enjoying Walt Disney World vacations. From an early age, whether it be on a family vacation or tagging along with a friend on her vacation, she fell in love with the magic and the joy that Disney brought. Now making her own memories as a DVC member with a Star Wars obsessed little boy, she tries to capture the same magical feelings into every day life. She has quickly established a reputation with friends, relatives and coworkers as a real-life Belle. Always with a book in her hand and available to help others plan their magical Disney vacations. Beyond Disney, Aleisha is a lover of all genres of music; craves a good concert from time to time, considers her food allergies a blessing rather than a curse and can be seen at the good old hockey game during the NHL season.


Mission Space Marquee HDR DDLThis past week, on the first day that Mission:Space re-opened, my 8-year-old son jumped on the chance to be one of the first to experience the new updated version. Since it just happens to be one of his favorite all time rides, I thought it would be fun to ask him a few questions to get his take on it and to let him tell you what he thought of it. So here it is, his thoughts towards it. Enjoy!

Which mission did you choose, green or orange?

Green. Because orange spins around to much and I don’t want to get dizzy.

What did you think of it?

I really liked it, in fact it was fantastic! I liked the old version so much, so I was scared I wouldn’t like this as much, but this one was AWESOME!!

Did you go to Mars like last time?

Nope. It went to Earth, and kind of like Soarin’ you go to different places. I liked China! And it felt like you went around the world in 20 seconds or something like that!

Did it make you feel like you were really there?

YES! You feel like your in a real space ship and everything!! It was SO COOL!! I mean the old one did to, but not like this AT ALL!

Do you think people will like the new updates?

Yes because its so much more realistic, its like you are really there. Even the space ship feels more real. The graphics are better. The line (queue) is the same, but the video changed, I liked that a lot. And if you are like me, you are going to  LOVE IT!!

Would you ever think of doing the orange mission?

Maybe, when I am like 17 or something.

What do you think?

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