keep collective disneyKEEP Collective has launched their second wave of Disney charms and engravables!

Followed by the major success of the first Disney collection this summer, KEEP Collective has just introduced charms and wrap bracelets for the Mickey and Minnie lovers out there. They are also introducing engravable items to add a personalized touch. These are actually the first ever engravable products that Disney has ever done, which is super exciting!

What do you think of these new charms and engravables?

Engravable Mickey – $35Engravable Mickey - Keep CollectiveDisney Leather Band – $35

 Disney Leather Band - Keep Collective

Engravable Minnie – $35

Engravable Minnie - Keep Collective

Pave Mickey Dangler – $25

Pave Mickey Dangler - KEEP Collective


What do you think?

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