Marvel Thor RagnarokI keep forgetting just how much I like Marvel movies.

I do not always get to see what my Neurotic Disney Kid refers to as “adult movies.” She is not too keen on violence, colorful language or inappropriate situations. Knowing she would not be into this Marvel release, I made it a date night. We grabbed our popcorn, 3D glasses, and settled in for my first Thor movie (yes, I missed the first two.)

Let’s start this review with the movie previews. I feel that it is important to start here because I know there are those of you who do not want ANY spoilers, including trailers. During our screening, we were shown the Black Panther trailer and the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. If these are trailers you do not want to see, be prepared to close your eyes and cover your ears. Or use that time to go get popcorn. You will want popcorn for the movie…Thor is that good!

My Spoiler-Free Thor:Ragnarok Review

Now, I know I mentioned earlier that I had not seen the first two Thor movies. I do know who Thor is, though. I have been infatuated with Thor since I was a little girl. I think it all had to do with his hair. I never understood why people were Team Loki before. I mean, he is the bad brother. But we are getting off topic here. Let’s chat..

Thor: Ragnarok – cast, story and the details

Sorry, not getting that here. If you want to know what the movie is about, you can read the official press release here. Since this is a spoiler-free review, I really like to keep it spoiler-free and only talk about the overall movie itself. No real details, promise 🙂

Thor: Ragnarok – should you binge watch the first two?

I don’t think so. As long as you are vaguely familiar with the main characters (Thor, Loki and Hulk), I think you will be fine. And by vaguely familiar, I mean you can visually identify these characters. Other than that, the story line is very easy to follow along.

Thor: Ragnarok – not too dark, not too silly

Thor: Ragnarok was a refreshing blend of comedy and action. We laughed. I cringed at some of the action scenes. There was plenty of said action, though, without the gore. It was nice to not have to close my eyes through most scenes because of “too much blood” or “too much violence.” Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of action scenes – this is not a boring movie! It was hard to believe that the movie was 130 minutes long.

Thor: Ragnarok – should you take the kids?

This is a hard call. You know your child best. With that being said, colorful language is very minimal in this movie. Innuendo, on the other hand, is scattered throughout the movie. As mentioned above, there is plenty of violence, but minus the gore. I know that my 10 year old could handle the violence level of this movie, but the innuendos are enough of a drawback for me to keep her home for now.

Thor: Ragnarok – should you skip it?

Definitely not! Thor: Ragnarok is a movie that encompasses all of the good you want in a movie. There were jokes. There was action. There were moments you cheered. There was good music (ok, only one song – but it’s a good one!). It makes for a great date night or if you have older kids, a fun, family night with a decent movie that is not childish. Be sure to stay through the end of all the credits – and keep your eye out for a few surprise cameos!

I would totally see Thor: Ragnarok again. Although after this one, I may be Team Loki. I completely understand now.

Disclosure: I attended a special preview of this movie in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

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