Great Disney Books for AdultsDisney Books are always a great gift idea. These Disney books are perfect for the grown up Disney fans in your life! The first two books, Regina Rising and Natural Disaster, are written for older fans – see description for age suggestions. The rest of the books on the list are beautiful table books that contain wonderful photos and images – suitable for any Disney fan to look at. A Whole New World: The Road to Broadway and Beyond will make you feel as if you are on Broadway watching Aladdin!  I am especially fond of Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation for showing how strong females in a position that was male dominated. Yesterday’s Tomorrow is a lovely look back at Disney history.

  • regina rising once upon a timeOnce Upon a Tine: Regina Rising
  • page count: 368 * ages: 12+

Sixteen-year-old Regina is very different from the Regina known by fans of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” She seeks romance, adventure, and approval. Of course, getting approval from a mother like Cora is next to impossible. For Regina, friendships have always been a rare commodity. Could it be that Regina has finally found a true friend? Or is it too good to be true? As Regina struggles to find her own identity and create her own destiny, she discovers that her fate might just be to become everything she despises.

  • natural disaster by ginger leeNatural Disaster by Ginger Lee
  • page count: 288 * ages: ADULT

ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee pulls back the curtain on her life in Natural Disaster. Ginger grew up in small-town Michigan where she developed an obsession with weather as a young girl. Ginger opens up about her lifelong battle with crippling depression, her romances that range from misguided to dangerous, and her tumultuous professional path. This cyclone of stories may sound familiar to some—it’s just that Ginger’s personal tempests happened while she was covering some of the most devastating storms in recent history, including a ferocious tornado that killed a legend in the meteorology field. This book is for all the mistake makers who have learned to forgive others and themselves—even in the aftermath of man-made, or in this case Zee-made, disasters. It’s a story that every young woman should read, a story about finding love and finding it in yourself. Beloved by Good Morning America’s audience, Ginger is a daily presence for millions. Zee’s gained fame for her social media presence which is as unfiltered as Natural Disaster—from baby barf to doggy doo-doo. She’s shattered the glass ceiling for women in meteorology, but admits here first, she’s the one natural disaster she couldn’t have forecast.

  • oswald the lucky rabbitOswald the Lucky Rabbit by David A. Bossert
  • page count: 176  * Adult  

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons is an in-depth look at the origins of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and their first major fully animated success in 1927 with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series. The narrative explores the historical importance of this character within The Walt Disney Company and recounts, first, the rejection of the first Oswald short, Poor Papa, followed by the overwhelmingly positive reception of second short, Trolley Troubles, and the ultimate loss of Disney’s rights to the character and the company’s modern-day journey to reclaim Disney’s films.

  • ink and Paint women of walt disney animationInk & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation by Mindy Johnson
  • page count: 384 * Adult

In her latest landmark book, Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation, author Mindy Johnson pulls back the celluloid curtain on the nearly vanished world of ink pens, paintbrushes, pigments, and tea. Meet the pioneering women who brought hand rendered animated stories to vibrant, multicolored life at Walt Disney Studios and beyond. Extensively researched with the full support of the entire Walt Disney Studios archival resources, plus a multitude of private collections, firsthand accounts, newly discovered materials, and production documentation, as well as never-before-seen photography and artwork, this essential volume redefines the collective history of animation.

  • Aladdin on BroadwayA Whole New World: The Road to Broadway and Beyond by Michael Lassell
  • page count: 192 * Adult

The Tony-award winning Aladdin is a veritable hit on Broadway and is just beginning national and international performances. In A Whole New World, readers will discover the journey from ancient legend to screen to stage in the words of its creators.

  • yesterdays tomorrowYesterday’s Tomorrow: Disney’s Magical Mid-Century by Don Hahn
  • page count: 176 * Adult

Yesterday’s Tomorrow is a valentine to an era of optimism, relaxed lifestyle, and innovative design; a large-format, general audience book, illustrated with rarely seen art and photography of the mid-20th century reflecting the unique style that Walt Disney and his artists contributed to the era. If you’ve seen Sleeping Beauty, read Dwell Magazine, shopped at Design Within Reach, or watched Mad Men, this book is for you and all those who love this extraordinary era of Disney.

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