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Growing up inn the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Aleisha has never let distance stop her from enjoying Walt Disney World vacations. From an early age, whether it be on a family vacation or tagging along with a friend on her vacation, she fell in love with the magic and the joy that Disney brought. Now making her own memories as a DVC member with a Star Wars obsessed little boy, she tries to capture the same magical feelings into every day life. She has quickly established a reputation with friends, relatives and coworkers as a real-life Belle. Always with a book in her hand and available to help others plan their magical Disney vacations. Beyond Disney, Aleisha is a lover of all genres of music; craves a good concert from time to time, considers her food allergies a blessing rather than a curse and can be seen at the good old hockey game during the NHL season.


With the New Year now in full gear, many have set their sits on losing weight. Which is perfect because you are getting ready to go to the happiest place on Earth, and your diet will be just fine, right? Yes, I know we should all stay away from tasty treats and not so good for us food. At the same time, you are on vacation, and that churro is calling your name. So while you know you SHOULD absolutely do everything in your power to say no, here are five fabulous sweets to bust every diet plan. Go ahead, you are on vacation. That diet can start, AFTER you return.

mickey pretzel

  1. Mickey Pretzels: With all my allergies, it is one luxury I can have! And I mean come on, how can you not enjoy something that is in the shape of one of our favorite fab 5? After all he is the mouse that started it all!
  2. ’Ohana Bread Pudding: Admittedly I cannot have this. Sad, yes. But from what I hear my husband and son both say it is incredible! And a dessert that is one thing that is on the, “we must have once a trip” list.
  3. Mickey BarsMickey Ice Cream Bar: It’s a staple among our trips. Some of my favorite memories involve watching my son get his first taste shortly after discovering he had outgrown his dairy allergy! There is something about that tasty treat, that puts a smile on your face! Even if it’s from the sidelines.
  4. Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake at Liberty Tree: Besides the ’Ohana Bread Pudding this has become my husbands favorite! It tastes like a chocolate chip cookie and looks like giant brownie. Need I say more?
  5. Enjoy Life Cookies: For those of us with food allergies, sweets are a rare treat and often forbidden. So when they started having the Enjoy Life sweets around the park, you can bet it was something that I celebrated. Yes, they are amazing and I don’t have to worry I will get sick. If you ask me, it’s a match made in Disney heaven!

What tasty treats can you not resist while you are enjoying your favorite Disney Park?

Happy snacking!

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