BroadwayCon_logoBroadwayCon is the conference for fans for all things Broadway that is held Jan 26, 27, 28 2018 in New York City. I’m here to report on what I know about Disney’s Frozen coming to Broadway February 22 directly from the Oscar winning song writing team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

Frozen on BroadwayFirst of all, what a thrill to be feet away from Robert and Kristen who are just an amazing couple. They are full of positive energy and the room that was filled to capacity – (this is New York, so think enormous) was brimming with electricity. Moderating the showcase was Greg Hildreth who will be playing Olaf on stage. This guy has to step into the iconic role made famous by Josh Gad.

Robert and Kristen told us how much they love Broadway. Not long after the animated feature Frozen was finished, they began plans making Frozen a Broadway show. They looked forward to working with Disney Theatrical and turning Frozen into a musical production. They created four new songs. This new production will explore more themes that we never saw in the animated movie. Anna and Elsa will have a new song they sing at the beginning when they are young girls romping around the castle singing, ‘we know better.’

Anna and Kristof share a song during the chase scene in the mountains. There’s no way to bring in wolves on stage like in the movie so instead they are going to have romantic comedy type of duet where she thinks she knows all about love and he thinks he knows better.

There is one song especially heartbreaking where Anna sings about true love and heartbreak. It is the scene where Hans reveals his evil true self, leaving her to die in front of the now cold fireplace and she thinking that his kiss, that he refused to give, would save her.

Another new song is for Elsa during the coronation ceremony called Dangerous to Dream. In this song the audience learns of her pain in daring to dream but knowing she can’t because of the secrets she keeps.

Robert and Kristen shared with us all one great surprise. Every Friday in February one new song from the Frozen on Broadway album will be released on wherever you can hear songs streamed.

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