Breakout Star Wars: The Last Jedi actress Kelly Marie Tran and BB-8 sat down with The Oh My Disney Show to discuss her experience playing Rose Tico, and reveal behind-the-scenes secrets that took place during filming. ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is available on Blu-ray and DVD March 27th.Kelly Tran Oh My Disney Last JediOh My Disney’s popular web series “Watch A Disney Movie With…” features Disney icons re-watching their Disney films and shares secrets left on the cutting-room floor. Tran opens up about how emotional the role was for her, revealing that she cried with joy watching The Force Awakens for the first time, knowing that she would soon be joining the cast.

Kelly also dishes on her relationships with on-set mentor Benicio del Toro, director Rian Johnson and John Boyega. Highlights from the episode include:

● Kelly’s thoughts on #Reylo, the Rey/Kylo fan theory taking the Twitterverse by storm

● Explaining why she’s “pro-Porg” and revealing that she actually spent time helping Lucasfilm’s iconic Creatures Department apply feathers to them.

● BTS stories about spending two additional weeks on-set with John Boyega to film the “Fathier” chase scene. At the time of filming, they were essentially riding “headless mechanical bull figures.”

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