Incredibles 2

It has been 14 years since the Incredibles first hit theaters. As a family, we always found this Disney Pixar film to be a fun one. It was humorous, definitely action-packed, and had enough fun characters that everyone in the family could identify with. Now the sequel is here – and families are ready to reidentify with their favorite characters. While I am not going to dish any spoilers here, I will share my overall thoughts and what I think you should know about Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2. A few lessons can be learned from this film.

Every Parent is a Hero

In the movie, Helen Parr/Elastigirl(Holly Hunter) returns to work, leaving Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible(Craig T. Nelson) to run the house in her absence. Bob encounters many real-time issues many parents are faced with: a baby that is up all night, new math, a broken heart. At first, Bob is stubborn reluctant to adapt to his new role, especially the new math. But Bob realizes that he is a super hero, and just has to figure out how to tackle these difficult jobs.

Teamwork is Everything

No one likes to do the boring or tedious jobs. But families have to work together and someone has to step up and take care of these situations. Take babysitting the youngest child for example. Violet and Dash are always trying to pass off the responsibility of watching Jack-Jack while their parents get to do the “exciting job” of fighting crime. Violet and Dash need to learn to work together in order for their crime fighting family to be successful. This point is a great conversation starter after seeing this movie.

Love Everyone

I’m not one for movies with agendas, but this one does touch on a subject that should be talked about more often.  I know, I’m being vague here. I’m trying to not to spoil anything.  Bear with me. No one should be afraid of someone because of a difference. Love everyone. And stand up for what you believe in – even when no one else does.

Jack-Jack & Edna

These two are everything. There should have been way more Edna. This part made the entire movie. Regardless what anyone says, see the movie just for these two.

What I could have done without

I would like to say that I loved this movie, but I can’t. This movie lacked a ‘gripping’ story line. It almost felt like this movie could have been a stepping stone for a third movie. Jack-Jack got powers(everyone knows this), and that was the only surprising feature. The story was predictable and very scattered. The movie is rated PG for mild violence and language – yup, language. It’s mild on the colorful scale (use of h*ll/d*mned/cr*p – I’m told that last one is not really a colorful word anymore, but it still is to some).

There is a LOT of action in this movie, and for a brief moment, and intense strobe-light fight scene. In the theater we were in, a crying child left with a parent and a small child in the row behind me had this conversation with her adult:

Child: I don’t like this movie anymore.

Adult: Yes, you do. It’s fun. They’re good guys, it’s ok.

Child: No, this is getting scary. I’m closing my eyes now.

Every child is different, so use your best judgement when taking your little one to this movie. Just because it is an animated Disney movie doesn’t mean it is for every child.

Overall, this movie was ok. Would I watch it again? Not in its entirety. I would watch the Jack-Jack and Edna scenes over and over again. And I really did enjoy the 70’s vibe of the house they were in. Now, my child on the other hand, she sees this movie a little differently from me.

The NDK Review

Incredibles 2Yay! Incredibles 2 is finally here! I’m so happy. When we were invited to a special screening, we gladly accepted. Incredibles 2 is about super heroes making a comeback. Well, let me explain. Super heroes have become illegal, but there are people who want them back. And the Incredibles are ready to get back to work!

I really enjoyed this movie. The Incredibles are one of my favorite Disney families because they are a family that works together to get things done. The scenes with Jack Jack and Edna were hilarious!

I was not a fan of the bad language in the movie. I just did not think it was necessary to use the few words they said. There were other words they could have used. Isn’t this a movie for us kids? We don’t need that.

This movie has a great lesson about teamwork. In the movie, Violet and Dash have a problem with their part of the family job – watching Jack Jack. They do not want to “babysit” they want to fight crime. What they do not realize is that watching Jack Jack is a big help to their parents so they can do their job. In the end, they see that it is important for everyone to do their job – even if they don’t like it. Because that is how a team works. Everyone has a job to do.

I recommend this movie to all super hero fans out there. This movie is very action-packed.  Go see it this weekend! I’m NDK and this my review.

What do you think?

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