Action-Packed “Incredibles 2” AR Stickers Launch on World’s Largest Sticker App

The everyday world is about to get incredible with the launch of “Incredibles 2” AR and animated stickers on Pundit Stickers, the largest sticker search engine in the world. With Pundit Stickers for iOS and Android devices, users can search through millions of the best animated, static, and even AR stickers to share on any app.

The “Incredibles 2” sticker pack is exclusive to Pundit Stickers and free to use. It consists of six AR stickers that fans can place in their camera, plus nine animated stickers compatible with any messaging app. From Jack-Jack shooting lasers to protect his cookie, to Violet stealthily weaving in and out of invisibility, to the entire family jockeying for the TV remote, fans will be able to interact with these lively “Incredibles 2” AR stickers in their real world and capture photos and videos of their experiences.

With Pundit Stickers’ search engine and universal keyboard app, users can quickly and easily search for the perfect sticker in a database of nearly two million stickers, with new stickers trending by the minute. As Pundit Stickers is building the platform to be the go-to destination for users to find stickers, official sticker packs from some of the biggest names in entertainment like Disney will be launching regularly- paving the way for the world’s favorite characters to live in users’ messaging & camera experiences.

The Pundit Stickers app, now featuring “Incredibles 2” stickers, is available for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store or here:

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