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Looking for fun summer reading? You should read A Friendly Town That’s Almost Always By The Ocean by Kir Fox and M. Shelley Coats. I really enjoyed this story for a lot of reasons. It’s the perfect “take me on an adventure” type story! And really good for Friday the 13th, too!

A Friendly Town That’s Almost Always By The Ocean by Kir Fox and M. Shelley Coats

  • page count: 208 * ages: 8-12 years

A Friendly Town That’s Almost Always By The Ocean is an exciting book about a boy named Davy Jones who has recently moved to a town called Topsea. He is a fifth grader at Topsea School and for some strange reason, when anyone talks to Davy, they never get his name right! In this book you will find many strange and thrilling things like The Chewing Gum Wall(is it alive?), the seaweed(it’s everywhere!), and the rubber ducks(don’t look them in the eye)! You will also find many surprises, so pay attention.

a friendly town that's almost always by the oceanI love adventure books and this story takes you on many adventures. On one of the many adventures, Davy and his friends explore the abandoned arcade with the haunted pinball game. This adventure isn’t scary, but did keep me on the edge of my seat. This adventure was neat because while the arcade was abandoned, the games still worked. Davy decided to play skeeball and everybody was scared because every time a ball gets tossed through the hole, they get tickets they have to “redeem immediately or else!”

My favorite part of this story was the The Chewing Gum Wall chapter. In this chapter, there is a wall covered in chewing gum and it seems like it’s alive! This is my favorite part because I thought this was the most exciting chapter of the book. Finn, Davy’s friend, almost gets eaten alive by the wall! No one expected the wall to come alive. This was a surprise and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Another part of the book I thought was funny was how Davy’s locker for school was at the bottom of the pool, just like the pirate(who is not in this book).

A Friendly Town That’s Almost Always By The Ocean is a really great book for summer reading. It will take you on the adventure you have always wanted to go on. This is also a great book to read by the pool! And I cannot wait until the next book in this series, The Extremely High Tide! is released in 2019! I recommend this book to kids that love adventures, odd mysteries, and rubber ducks!  I’m NDK and this is my review!

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