Buggin Out Marvel Super Hero AdventuresHi everyone! Marvel is back with another Super Hero Adventure. And this time, it’s not just Spidey! In Buggin’ Out, Spidey receives some help from, drumroll please… Ant-Man and Wasp! Wow! In Buggin’ Out, Spider Man has a few difficult problems including judging, pym particles that can make you giant, and a science fair!

Peter Parker is a super smart boy in school, so no one thinks he will be good at sports. Meanwhile, the Wasp and Ant-Man have created something amazing. They have discovered how to reverse the effect of Pym Particles! Pym Particles make you tiny, so they made it to where you can grow super big. But Doc Ock steals the particles! Will Doc Ock successfully get away? Or will Spider Man and his Super friends save the day? Find out in this all new Marvel Super Hero Adventure!

I was super excited to find out that Ant Man and the Wasp were helping Spidey, especially since the movie just came out! I think that these books are very good stories to read at bed time, at the pool, or anywhere really, because they teach very valuable lessons to little kids. (Big kids, too!)

My favorite part in this book? Hmm, my favorite part was when Spidey learns that just because you are really good at one thing doesn’t mean that you can’t be good at another thing, too. Just because he was super smart and good at science doesn’t mean he’s not good at sports.

I recommend this book to super hero fans of all ages because, hey! I’m ten and I still enjoyed this book! I’m NDK, and this is my review!

  • Buggin’ Out! Marvel Super Hero Adventures by MacKenzie Cadenhead & Sean Ryan
  • Page Count: 80 * Age Range: 6-8 years

from the publisher:

The school-wide science fair Peter Parker (a.k.a Spider-Man) has been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived! Peter has always excelled at science. After getting the boot in a basketball game earlier that day, he could use a little pick-me-up. So imagine Peter’s surprise and dismay when basketball great and all-around-bully Flash Thompson shows up with a totally awesome project! But when the science fair is put in jeopardy thanks to the antics of one Doc Ock, Peter will need to team up with fellow ‘bugz’ Ant-Man and the Wasp to save the fair and the people in it- even if it means someone else walking away with the prize. Great things-and even bigger surprises-come in tiny packages in this third installment in Marvel’s Super Hero Adventures early chapter book series.

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