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One of my favorite shows on Disney Channel is Disney’s Raven’s Home. The show is appropriate for all kids, and there’s always a lesson to be learned at the end. When I was given the chance to interview one of the newest guest stars of Raven’s Home, Eliza Pryor, I was super excited!

Eliza Pryor plays Isabella on Disney’s Raven’s Home. She was able to audition for her part using a new app called Scenebot. After posting one audition to Scenebot, she was chosen by Disney to audition for the role! I really enjoyed the opportunity to interview Eliza and can’t wait to see her on the show! Thank you, Eliza, for taking the time to answer my questions!

Check out my interview below and be sure to watch Disney’s Raven’s Home on Disney Channel, DisneyNow and Disney on Demand!

Eliza Pryor

Eliza Pryor

NDK: I think it is cool how you were able to audition using an app! Can you tell me about how Scenebot works?

Eliza Pryor: Scenebot is an acting app. Every month, you choose a scene to record and submit. They have a lot of different scenes to choose from. Then you pick your favorite scene and record yourself acting. They also have a feature called “Act Back Track,” where they have celebrities and really good actors who are recorded to read the other part for your audition. Then, after you record your video audition, you submit it. You can do this as many times as you want until you like it.

They also have these competitions every month where they go through and pick videos they really like and feature them as Honorable Mentions. From there, they then they pick their Top Selects. Anybody can go on the app to the Top Selects and vote for the actor for whom he or she thinks did really well. They then add up all of the votes and announce the Top Ten. The cool thing is that casting directors, agents, and managers get to see your video and that’s how my manager, Kathy Bridges, found me! It is also cool that you meet other actors who use it and everyone is so supportive and nice to each other.

NDK: I think I might be more relaxed to audition at home using an app. I’d still be nervous, but I think I would like it better. How did you feel using the app for your audition? Were you nervous?

EP: Actually, using the Scenebot app is great practice for when you have an audition for a role like Isabella from Raven’s Home with Disney! For the actual audition, I go to an acting coach and record my videos there. Scenebot is a lot of fun and really easy to use! Yes, I do get nervous when I record my auditions, but I like it because I can do it as many times as I want until I think it is good. I agree with you that it helps to be able to do it at home too.

NDK: Raven’s Home is one of my favorite shows. Tell me what it is like to be on Raven’s Home. Did you get to meet Raven?

EP: It was really fun to be on Ravens Home!!! Everyone was super nice! And yes, I did get to meet Raven! 🙂 She is really funny! I also met and worked with other great actors on the show like Navia Robinson, Issac Ryan Brown, Jason Maybaum, Dylan Martin Frankel, and Travis Burnett. It usually takes a week to film an episode.

The first day, we did a table read, which is where the cast reads through the whole script. We also had a rehearsal. That first day, I was nervous but really excited and everyone was so nice and made me feel at home. Tuesday we did a producer run-through where the producers and everyone watch each scene. On Wednesday, we had the network run-through with people from Disney and pretty much everyone involved watching the scenes. Then on Thursday and Friday, we film! Also, I love how although it is work, everyone still keeps it fun on set!

NDK: What advice do you have for other kids who want to act, but maybe are too scared to audition?

EP: My advice would be to GO FOR IT!!!! I still get really nervous when I go to auditions, but the casting directors are on your side and want you to do well and they are pulling for you. Just go in there and talk to them like you are talking to your friend. The casting directors are usually super nice!! Go in there and give it your all. If you mess up don’t worry about it and just keep going. Casting directors understand and only want to see if you can act and if you are a fit for the role. They also love to see your personality so just be yourself!

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