This was definitely a summer for great movies. The summer off with Incredibles 2, and to end the summer, Christopher Robin is in theaters this Friday (8/3)! I really enjoyed Incredibles 2 and cannot wait to see a special screening of Christopher Robin this week(look for my review later). As you all know, great books can lead to great movies – and sometimes, great movies can lead to great books. Disney Books has the summer movies covered with these amazing books that make you feel as if you are watching the movie over and over again!

Great Disney Books based on Summer Movies

  • Christopher Robin: A Boy, A Bear, A Balloon by: Brittany Rubiano
  • Page Count: 40 * Ages: 6-8 years

A boy A bear and a balloonChristopher Robin: A Boy, A Bear, A Balloon is a story book inspired by the movie Disney’s Christopher Robin. I think this book is a perfect bedtime story. It is so adorable! In this book, Pooh goes missing! Can Christopher Robin find Pooh? Or will Pooh be lost forever? Read the book to find out!

I really liked the illustrations in the book. They were so pretty and peaceful. I also like how they fit in with the story perfectly. If you were to look at just the pictures without reading the words, you would know what the book says. The illustrations made me feel happy and they helped build up the suspense. They just made the whole book better!

My favorite part was when Christopher Robin sees all of his old friends again! They were hiding in a hollowed out log because there was a heffalump! So Christopher Robin fights the Heffalump and saves the day all while realizing, it’s important to use your imagination, and sometimes, it can be a bit fun.

I recommend this book not just to little kids, but to Christopher Robin fans and Pooh Bear fans of all ages!

  • Incredibles 2 Read-Along Storybook and CD by: Disney Book Group
  • Page Count: 32 * Ages: 6-8 * includes CD

Incredibles 2 Read-Along Storybook and CDIncredibles 2 Read-Along Storybook and CD is pretty much a quick run through of the movie. It includes a CD that has a narrator so your kids can listen to the book. It also has cool sound effects and it has the characters real voices!

I liked the illustrations because they are actually scenes from the movie! I was kind of upset that Edna Mode was not mentioned enough in the book.

My favorite part in the book is when Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr) discovers Jack-Jack has super powers! It was so funny because Jack-Jack is fighting a raccoon that was “stealing” from the trash can! Jack-Jack attacks the raccoons by shooting laser beams out of his eyes! This scene was funnier in the movie, but this was still funny!

I recommend this book to little super hero fans who cannot wait to see the movie! This book would also be great for kids who may be too scared to see the actual movie. The book leaves out all of the scary scenes, but still leaves you on the edge of your seat! Quick tip – watch the movie before you read the book because the book is like a spoiler for the movie!

  • A Real Stretch: An Elastigirl Prequel Story Incredibles 2 by: Disney Book Group
  • Page Count:240 * Ages: 8-12 years

A Real Stretch An Elastigirl Prequel StoryIn the Incredibles 2 book, A Real Stretch, An Elastigirl Prequel Story, Elastigirl faces some fierce problems including a run-away tiger, and catching boatloads of criminals. To top it off, she needs a better way of transportation that works with her ability to stretch super far! The main problem that Elastigirl faces is someone stole a powerful atomic compound called ZAP that has everyone freaking out.  ZAP can enhance the powers of Supers! We also get to find out how Elastigirl meets Mr. Incredible for the first time! Read the book to find out what happens in this new thriller!

I liked this book because it is a mystery and chock full of action! There are new supers in this book that haven’t been featured in any other Incredibles movies/books.  The most suspicious of these supers is Blazestone.

My favorite part is when Elastigirl goes to the movies with some other supers thinking it’s going to be a perfectly fine night at the movies. Little did she suspect, there is a criminal on the loose! Springing into action, Elastigirl stops the bad guy and he is tossed into jail! I also really liked when Elastigirl solved the ZAP mystery – I can’t say anything else because I do not want to spoil it – just make sure you read this book!

I recommend this book to older Elastigirl fans. This book does have intense moments, and is a not an easy reader book.

  • Christopher Robin: The Novelization by: Elizabeth Rudnick
  • Page Count: 288 * Ages: 8-12 years 

Christopher Robin The NovelizationChristopher Robin: The Novelization by Elizabeth Rudnick is about Christopher Robin all grown up with a family. We may know that, but Winnie The Pooh does not. He thinks that Christopher Robin is still a little boy who wants to play. Poor Pooh Bear does not understand Christopher Robin is all grown up now and doesn’t want to play nor has the time for it. But Pooh Bear thinks that Christopher Robin still has a chance to be fun again.

My favorite part of this book is when Christopher Robin visits the Hundred Acre Wood and meets everyone again. Christopher Robin had to return to the woods to return Pooh Bear. But when Christopher Robin got there, he became frustrated with Pooh and Pooh went missing! Christopher Robin was very upset and angry at himself for being mean to Pooh. He tries to find Pooh in all of Pooh’s favorite places. I know this seems sad, but this is my favorite part because this is where Christopher Robin realizes it is fun to use your imagination, no matter how old you are.

The book does explain what happened to Christopher Robin and why he doesn’t like to play and have fun now. I feel this book is a great reminder to not forget no matter what is happening, always remember to try and have fun! I recommend this book to people of all ages who love Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and all his friends!

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