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Since going to Walt Disney World and Disneyland at a young age, Chris has always enjoyed Disney music, TV shows, movies, and trips to Walt Disney World. But his appreciation of the overall Disney experience has greatly increased over the last few years. While waiting for the next chance to work on his Disney photography skills, Chris passes the time listening to Park/Resort audio, WDW podcasts, and checking out the work of other Disney photographers. To Chris, there are no bad Disney trip photographs or photographers. Non-Disney pursuits include spending time with his wife and children, watching and listening to baseball broadcasts, and cheering for the Chicago Cubs and LSU. Chris is a third generation professional engineer in Louisiana, working mainly on asbestos, lead, mold and demolition projects. Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisWhitePE and you can check out his Flickr photo stream: chris_white2323.

During our May trip, I had some time to myself to enjoy the park and continue working on my EPCOT photo bucket list. As I was making my way out of EPCOT, I decided to take a slightly different route, because I wanted to shoot the Imagination Pavilion and the monorail as it passed by. I think it worked out pretty well.

In a later post (or maybe a series?) I’ll have more to say about our day at EPCOT, but here’s the short version – that was our only day at EPCOT for the trip, so I was determined to make the most of my opportunities to shoot at EPCOT. That meant staying after Illuminations and shooting some empty park areas like I got to do in 2016. And I wanted to try get some different photos this time.

Other than quick point and shoot images, I’ve not really shot the Imagination Pavilion or the monorails. As I made my way towards the Imagination Pavilion, this shot just kind of came together. All I had to do was wait for a monorail to pass by. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait very long.

I had plenty of time to set up my MeFoto tripod, setup my faithful Nikon D5300, this time using the plain old kit lens I (18-55mm). I shot at ISO 100, f/8 for 30 seconds.

Nikon D5300, 30 seconds, f/8, ISO 100

I really like how this turned out – the blurred monorail as it passes through the frame, while also taking on a translucent quality that still allows most of the Imagination Pavilion features to show through. It has a dreamlike, unreal quality that I really like.

And as more time passes, that entire night takes on more of an imaginary, dreamlike quality. I was living a dream by having a quiet walk around the park. Not having to rush on to the next attraction, meant I had plenty of time to shoot. I thoroughly enjoyed a chance to photograph places I don’t often get to visit. I enjoy any opportunity to spend time shooting. There’s no doubt the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts are my favorite photography spots.

The image does what I’d hoped when I shot it. It takes me right back to that moment at one of my favorite places. It’s one of the best shots I got the entire trip.

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