Remember when we were rolling our eyes and scoffing at the idea of all these “live-action” remakes of animated movies from our childhood? My biggest pro-tip for when you see this Disney’s Christopher Robin….

Bring tissues.

The struggle is real, I promise.

My Neurotic Disney Kid(NDK) and I set off to see this movie, both having different viewpoints. NDK had read the junior novelization(check out her review), and knew what the movie was about. I, on the other hand, knew Christopher Robin was a grown up, and that was it. I could not even imagine how Winnie the Pooh and friends would fit into a real life world. And I won’t lie – I was worried.

Christopher RobinWinnie the Pooh has played a part in each of my children’s lives. Winnie the Pooh was in my nursery as a child. Thinking back, I think Winnie the Pooh was the mascot for Sears and Roebuck for some time! He was everywhere, and generally is associated with newborns and young children, innocence, and bedtime stories. I felt protective of my memories with this silly ol’ bear, and did not want them violated by an unorthodox remake.

I should note that I attended this movie wearing regular mascara. You know, the kind that will leave ugly streaks and black circles under your eyes if you were to say, cry, while watching said unorthodox remake of your childhood. I didn’t make it past the castle opening.

First, let me start off with the obvious – this is NOT a remake. But you probably know that. It’s a continuation.

Disney’s Christopher Robin starts off in the Hundred Acre Wood, with a young Christopher Robin and all of his friends. And all the feels are there. I will warn you – the characters look a slight bit different than you are used to. They look like dusty, old, very loved stuffed animals from the 1920’s. And that is part of what brings all the feels to this movie. They are simple, sweet, and you flash back immediately to your childhood, your babies, and warm, fuzzy memories. Nostalgia is high and really, the only thing this movie has going for it. The story is simple(predictable), yet VERY relatable. It is a sweet story that roped this sentimental momma in hook, line and sinker.

But is this movie worth seeing?

4 reasons why you should see Disney’s Christopher Robin:


This movie pulls on every parent’s heartstrings. Christopher Robin works for a demanding company, and he falls into the overworked, and hardly-present parent category. This is just one point that every parent can relate to. I know I have felt guilty at times for saying I was too busy to play or that work had to be done first. It is Christopher’s wife who reminds us that we need to live in the present – not for the future. We have to smile. We have to play. We have to live a life, not work ourselves to death. Also, red balloons bring happiness.

The wonderful thing about Tiggers…

Christopher Robin - tiggerIt would not be a Pooh Bear movie without a few favorite Pooh Bear songs. Tastefully, a few of the best Pooh songs were a pleasant addition to this film. Be sure you know the words, because you will, silently, sing along. 🙂

Doing nothing often leads to the very best something.

This quote is one that is drilled throughout the movie. Doing nothing often leads to the very best something. It’s one that should be remembered, repeatedly. Everyone needs downtime, and yes, sometimes doing nothing will lead to the very best something. This is also a great take-away lesson to share with your children about taking a breath, slowing down and smelling the roses.

Sometimes when I’m going somewhere and I wait, a somewhere comes to me.

Another great take-away lesson. Patience will get you everywhere in life. It might even be what the world needs a bit more of these days.


I cannot stress this enough. If you thought this Disney’s Christopher Robin used all the feel-good, warm & fuzzy potential it could, guess again. Disney fans will love the special addition in the credits. You will leave this movie feeling as if you cuddled a stuffed, silly ol’ bear.

So, what did NDK think about the movie? Read her thoughts:

Hi guys! I just saw the movie Disney’s Christopher Robin and would love to share my review with you!

Disney’s Christopher Robin is about Christopher Robin all grown up and now has a family. The only problem is that Christopher Robin does not like to have fun anymore. So when Pooh bear shows up in London, Christopher Robin thinks he has gone crazy! When Christopher Robin decides to deliver Pooh Bear back to the Hundred-Acre Wood, Pooh goes missing! Upset, Christopher Robin sets out to to find Pooh. He runs into some old friends, fights a heffalump, and even realizes that using your imagination is fun!

christopher robinI liked this movie because it was very funny and had some very important lessons to learn. Winnie the Pooh is my favorite character. He’s not the Winnie the Pooh I am used to seeing, but he is a sweet and cuddly bear. He still acts just like Winnie the Pooh. Eeyore was very funny. He always has something to say that will make you laugh.

My favorite scene was when Christopher Robin fights the “heffalump” because this is when Christopher Robin remembers that it is fun to use your imagination! Christopher Robin looked so silly fighting the “heffalump,” but he fought it to prove that he was who he said he was. Christopher Robin always protected his friends, and fighting the “heffalump” made them feel safe. This made me happy because Christopher Robin remembered how to take care of his friends and that made everyone else happy.

Disney’s Christopher Robin taught me that you should never forget to use your imagination no matter how sad or busy you are. Another lesson learned was “Nothing always leads to the greatest Something!” That means if take a break and do nothing, you might think of the greatest something. I always knew that heffalumps and woozles were the nightmares in Christopher Robin’s imagination. In the movie, I learned that heffalumps and woozles do exist – and they are everywhere. You don’t fight them with a sword, but standing up to them will lead to victory.

I recommend this movie to anyone who loves Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, and friends! This is a great family movie to end the summer perfectly. I can’t wait to see this movie again! I’m NDK, and this is my review!

What do you think?

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