From the company that brought you Shopkins comes the newest in collectable crazes (but this time exclusively Disney!!) Disney has released the first wave of the Disney Doorables collection – and we were lucky enough to review a few for you!! With sparkle eyes made of glass and small enough to hold in the palm of your hand….these are definitely going to be a must-have this holiday season.

NDK Reviews: Disney Doorables

NDK was so excited, she grabbed her BNDF (best neurotic Disney friend – that’s totally a thing) and made a video opening the fun packages that we received from Disney and Moose Toys. They worked hard to make their first video without any help.

Disney DoorablesThere are 33 blind pack characters in the first wave, and it is extremely hard not to try and collect them all. It is also extremely hard to find these in stores right now. They can be found on shelves at WalMart and Target, but they are flying off shelves as soon as they are stocked. In a quick store run this weekend, we were able to find a few packages of the playsets and the larger doors collection, but absolutely no blind bag packages could be found at either store. I do recommend if you happen to see these, buy them – do not hesitate. These will be a hard to find item. A quick Amazon search does show the playsets in stock, but I did not see the blind bags.

Disney DoorablesThese are so cute, I want a few for myself. They are tiny enough to stick on a desk and give your workspot a simple, Disney touch! I’m not going to lie, my quest in the stores over the weekend was for me! They are perfectly priced (under $4 for a set of 2!) and simply ah-DOOR-able. Sorry – I couldn’t resist. 🙂

The girls were so excited to open the packages and see which characters they got! They opened Peter Pan(2), Flynn Ryder(2), Daisy Duck, Winnie the Pooh(he was fuzzy!), Anna, Mayor Lionheart, Space Stitch, HeiHei, Jumbeax, Judy Hopps, and Boo. In the video, the girls confused Mayor Lionheart with Beast – they do look very similar! There are at least 2 in every blind bag purchase, and they are not necessarily related! They loved the random selection of the bags. The big door package has a minimum of 5 surprise doorables, with the potential of bonus figures included!

I love how the little playsets can stack on top of each other, too. The best part of these collectibles, besides how cute they are, would be the size! It’s so easy to keep these little toys in a container or displayed in a small space. These toys will make great gifts! I can’t wait to see how many we can collect before wave 2 hits the stores. Do you have any of these adorable toys? Which ones do you have/want? I want Tinker Bell, of course, and Minnie Mouse!

Disclosure: We were sent Disney Doorables in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are our own. No other compensation was received.


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