garmin vívofit jr. 2 at animal kingdomStaying active is a great way to stay healthy, and keeping track of how active you are is an easy thing these days. There are so many ways for adults to keep up with step counts, sleep patterns and activity levels. The choices are endless. But what about the kids? Garmin has partnered with Disney and released the new vívofit jr. 2. And these are just plain fun for the kids.

We were sent a Garmin vívofit jr. 2 (Princess, in purple) and the first words out of my 11 year old neurotic Disney kid’s(NDK) mouth was “this is so cool!” She was in love with the light purple color and the subtlety of the princess details on this band. Having just turned 11 and ready for a week at Disney, she was excited to keep track of her activity like we do.

She has worn this band every single day, including when she sleeps. She really enjoys the features on the band. This tracker is also a watch/timer/chore reminder and more! She loves the timer function, and honestly, so do I. With the timer on her wrist, I can send her off to do a task and give her a time limit that she needs to be done by. With the timer function, she has little trouble losing track of time.

vivofit garmin disney kidThe Garmin vívofit jr. 2 app is free and will allow you to monitor your child’s activity. This shares activity levels, sleep patterns and step count. The app will sync with multiple devices, so you can keep the app on your phone to see the activity, and on another device so the kids can also see the activity and play the fun game that is included. We have the app installed on my phone and our iPad, so we both have access to the app. It is really interesting to see the sleep patterns and the activity levels and step counts. NDK loves to compare them to ours.

The vívofit jr. 2 is priced at approximately $80. These are swim friendly, durable and easy cleanable. Accessory bands are available for approximately $30, so you are not locked into one style. A code comes with the accessory band to activate a new game with the characters featured. Other styles include Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Marvel characters!

The only downside I could find about this product is that it is not chargeable. The battery lasts about a year, according to the site, but is user-replaceable. I’m still really on the fence about this being a downside. Being battery operated, it is one less thing for me to have to charge, or keep track of. The battery used is a CR1632, so it is inexpensive and available at most stores.

We used this band for almost a month, with several days being spent at the Disney parks. NDK really loved meeting her goals, seeing how many steps she walked in a day, and using the timer. She also likes the chore feature that she set up all by herself to remind her when she needs to her chores. I love how this durable band is helping her to be a more responsible tween.

Disney GarminAnd now she is ready to explore more bands to match her outfits and moods.

NDK wanted to share how she feels about her new Garmin vívofit jr. 2, too:

Hi guys! Today I am going to tell you about my new Garmin vívofit jr. 2! The vívofit jr. 2 that I received is a purple Disney Princess band, but there are many more. The main thing that vívofit jr. 2 does is count your steps, but there is much more to it. It also tells time, shows the actual date, gives you a 60 minute goal, has a parent controlled app, you can set reminders, there is also a timer, and much, much more!

My favorite part of the watch is when I complete my goal, fireworks appear on the screen to congratulate me! I also really enjoy the timer.  I use it at dance to time my friends on how fast they could do a cartwheel and a bunch of other things! This watch is also swim friendly, which is a very good thing.

On the app, there is a fun game you can play to go with the vívofit jr. 2. Every time you complete your 60 minute goal, you earn a move. As you move along in the app, you get to play fun games and interact with the characters in the story. I hope you will enjoy the Garmin vívofit jr. 2, too!

I’m NDK, and this is my review!

Disclosure: We were sent a Disney Princess Garmin vívofit jr. 2 for free for review purposes only. No other compensation was received. All links in the post above are non-affiliate links. They are there for your convenience 🙂 All opinions are our own.

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