TV shows can great spin-off books. Check out these two fun books based on Disney shows from Disney Publishing!

DuckTales! Woo Hoo!

ducktales solving mysteries rewriting history Hi guys!  I’m back with another book review and this time it’s DuckTales: Solving Mysteries And Rewriting History! Fact-Checked By Huey, Dewey, Louie, And WebbyDuckTales Solving Mysteries And Rewriting History is based on Scrooge McDuck’s autobiography, but the kids quickly find it and add their own notes and advice. They also tell you how Scrooge is lying in some parts of the book about their adventures! This book is very funny but also is very informative about some of the episodes!

  • DuckTales: Solving Mysteries And Rewriting History!
  • 160 pages * 9-12 years old * Top-Secret poster inside!

This book explains a lot about the TV show that I did not know. Did you know that Scrooge was a secret agent? My favorite part of the book was chapter 9, That Time When I Stole Back My Treasure From The Sky Pirates. This chapter includes lots of pirate jokes and even a pirate song. I laughed a lot reading this chapter.

I recommend this book to DuckTales fans young and old, whether you watched the old series or the new series, even possibly both!

isle of the lost graphic novelHi guys! My next review is The Isle Of The Lost: The Graphic Novel by Melissa De La Cruz and Robert Vandetti. This book is based off Melissa De La Cruz’s novel The Isle Of The Lost. In The Isle Of The Lost: The Graphic Novel, Mal and Maleficent hold a grudge against the Evil Queen and Evie because they did not invite Mal to Evie’s 6th birthday party. Ten years later Mal still does not like Evie.

  • The Isle Of The Lost: The Graphic Novel by Melissa De La Cruz and Robert Vandetti
  • 128 pages * 8-12 years old

No one seems to be a having a good day, except for Mal and Jay. Evie has now started school and does not have a good first day. One minute, she’s not invited to Mal’s party and the second Mal acts like Evie is her BFF and invites her to the party. Something sounds fishy! Carlos DeVil is not having a good day because Mal convinced him to let her host her party at his house! After a cruel trick that Mal plays on Evie, Evie finds herself in Carlos’s bedroom, which is also his mom’s fur coat room. Carlos accidentally punctures a hole in the magical dome that surrounds the isle with a device he has been working on. The very same night, Maleficent’s scepter, the Dragon’s Eye, and her crow Diablo are awakened! This is not good. Maleficent sends Mal to go retrieve her scepter, but there’s a catch, whoever touches the scepter falls asleep for 1,000 years!  Will Mal let Evie touch the scepter and fall asleep for 1,000 years? Will Mal prove herself worthy to her mother? Will Mal befriend Evie? Read the book to find out!

I liked The Isle Of The Lost: The Graphic Novel. This graphic novel is like the regular book, but better. I enjoyed seeing the author’s words transform into illustrations. I was confused why Mal did not like Evie, and I think the illustrations helped me to understand why Mal didn’t like Evie. There is more information in this version of the story.

This book is a great reminder that you should never be judgemental. You could end great friendships before they even start! I also learned that anything you could do by yourself, you could do better with friends. Teamwork is key.

I recommend The Isle Of The Lost: The Graphic Novel to kids that love Descendants but also to kids who love adventures!

I’m NDK, and this is my review!

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