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Mother Knows BestHi guys! Today I’m back with another book review and this time its Mother Knows Best by Serena Valentino! Serena Valentino is one of my favorite authors. She has written other Disney Villain stories, Mistress of All Evil and Poor Unfortunate Souls. I really like her stories because they really help you understand how these villains turned evil. Her stories are always very interesting and I love the way she illustrates each villain. Be sure to check out my other reviews of her stories if you have not read them yet.

  • Mother Knows Best by Serena Valentino
  • Page Count: 400 * Age Range: Young Adult

Mother Knows Best is the story of how Mother Gothel became a villain. Mother Gothel wasn’t always evil. When her sisters died a tragic and horrible death, Gothel was beside herself in grief. She tried to revive her sisters with the rapunzel flower, but it failed. She never gave up trying to revive her sisters with the flower. So later on when the king stole her last rapunzel flower for the queen, Gothel became furious! Gothel learned that the king had stolen the flower for his sick queen who just had a baby. But, this book is very different than the version you know, and you may feel a little bit sorry for Gothel by the end of this book.

The dust cover on the front of the book shows you a young Mother Gothel, but when you lift the cover, you see the really old version of Gothel. I love this feature.

One of my favorite parts in this story was when it was Rapunzel’s 8th Birthday and Mrs. Tiddlebottom(Gothel’s maid at the cottage) bakes her a magnificent cake! When Valentino described the cake, it sounded so good I wanted to jump into the book and eat it all up! Mrs. Tiddlebottom was a very kind and caring person. She is one of my favorite characters in this story.

This story shows how you should never become consumed with grief, because then you will never have fun again. Life has sad situations and you have to find happiness after.  Another lesson this story shares is that you should always be kind and helpful, because then you will make other people happy, too!

I recommend this book to kids AND adults who would like to know the why about Mother Gothel. If you are a Serena Valentino fan, this book will not disappoint you.

I’m NDK, and this is my review!


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