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Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, a new animation franchise starring Marvel heroes, is action-packed and ready to encourage kids to take on the world and discover their greatest powers. The show is available on Disney XD and Marvel HQ(YouTube), but the real fun is when you put these superheroes in your child’s hands. Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors has a merchandise line, and these are definitely worth taking a look at for the upcoming holiday season.

We received a box from Hasbro(for free, in exchange for this review*) and NDK was in awe. It was like a flashback one of those “I got a box!” moments of excitement from when she was little. Presentation is everything. Inside the box were ten dolls from the collection, and she was thrilled over each one of them. We have watched a few of the episodes, and she really enjoys that Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors has a slight edge to it. It’s not the sugar coated show she is used to, but it isn’t too over-the-top intense, either. It’s perfect for kids who want a show with a bit more action. Check out her unboxing video below:

When I asked her what she was going to do with these dolls, her enthusiasm spilled everywhere: stop-motion, movies, pictures! She wanted to share a few photos that she created with her new friends.

Marvel Rising Secret Warrior toys

The gang is all here!

Marvel Rising Secret Warrior toys

Squirrel Girl says hi!

These dolls are just that – they are standard fashion dolls(without naming a popular 11.5″ doll). They have rooted hair, are articulated, and feel a bit less “dainty” than the other 11″ dolls on shelves. Some of the dolls came with a change of clothing, which are standard – velcro closures, soft, easy to dress. NDK immediately dressed each one into their respective secret identity costume and jumped into action.  I love that each doll does not conform to a standard look. Don’t get me wrong – I have a very soft spot for a very blonde doll who loves pink everything. That really never bothered me because I never looked at her as a role model. These dolls are super teens – using their unique skills to conquer the world.  They have a goal to make the world a better place, and kids want to copy that. Their looks are not exaggerated, but represent individuality.

Marvel Rising Secret Warrior toysWhile NDK loves all of them, her favorite was Ms. Marvel. She loved that her costume was not super-fancy and that she wears sneakers. Her shapeshifting ability really allows for imaginative play. The doll comes with an interchangeable hand, which allows Ms. Marvel to have a super-fist, perfect for knocking out the bad guys. She does not come with an interchangeable costume, but there is another Ms. Marvel available with a different costume. Gwen Stacy, aka Ghost Spider, is another favorite. The details made to these teen role models is outstanding. NDK loved that Gwen’s jacket was a flannel shirt tied around her waist. Her secret identity costume was a hit, too. She loved the fun hoodie feature.

Marvel Rising Secret Warrior toys

Squirrel Girl, Gwen(aka Ghost Spider) & Ms. Marvel have fun at the playground! The superheroes don’t know Gwen is really Ghost Spider, yet!

Personally, I fell in love with Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl. The Target exclusive set comes with a full costume transformation, and a squirrel, too! This set had many additional pieces to it: costume, tail, headband, a hat and a squirrel that she can hold!

The best feeling when you give a child a toy is that they love it and have magical moments with it. She has played for quite a few hours with these dolls, setting up stop-motion scenes where half the dolls are “hiding kindness rocks at the park” and the other half have to find them and spread kindness to others. But the real magical moment came when I went to wake her up one morning and all of the dolls were set up in bed with her. She’s really into the #StandOutRiseTogether movement and I love that.

Be sure to look for the Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors line in stores and online. These will make great holiday gifts!

*Disclosure: We received these products free from Hasbro in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own, No other compensation was offered. All links are affiliate free, simply there for your convenience. 

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