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Get ready to travel way back in time with The Camelot Code by Mari Mancusi! In The Camelot Code: The One and Future Geek, Master-gamers, Sophie and Stu, are teleported back in time to the time of King Arthur. They meet the wizard, Merlin, and Arthur (before he became king). Arthur and Merlin told Sophie and Stu that the the Pendragon scabbard fell down into the Well Of Dreams, teleporting the scabbard into the 21st century. Later, Arthur falls into the Well Of Dreams and discovers himself in the 21st century, too. In comes Stu, one of the master-gamers. Merlin puts a magic spell on Stu, making him look like Arthur. This way, it does not appear that Arthur is missing. Meanwhile, Arthur joins the football team, and is amazed at how good he is. But, when he Googles himself, he finds out the devastating truth about him history. He decides to stay and play football. When his friend, Princess Guinevere, finds out, she is very upset. So now Guinevere goes after him in the 21st century.

The Camelot CodeWill Arthur return to Camelot? Or will Sophie and Stu be forced to live in Camelot for the rest of their lives? Read the book to find out!

Let me tell a little bit about the characters. Sophie and Stu are best friends, but also amazing video-game players. Arthur, eventually known as King Arthur, is an orphan trained by a great wizard, Merlin. Merlin is an amazing wizard, who does not like Arthur’s friend, Princess Guinevere. She is Arthur’s best friend and they love to practice their swordsmanship together. Last is the evil Lady Morgana, Arthur’s sister. She is bent on destroying Arthur and taking over Camelot.

I bet you are wondering how Sophie and Stu were teleported to Camelot. When they were playing their favorite video game, Camelot’s Honor, when something messes up the whole online battle against Morgana. Later that day, Sophie received a text message from an unknown number, advertising a website called the Camelot Code. Sophie visited the website, and all she sees is “Rex quondam, Rexque Futurus.” When she says the words out loud, she is teleported to Camelot, where the whole story begins! Stu later received the same message, and discovered himself in Camelot, too.

I believe that my favorite part of this story is the epic battle against Morgana towards the end. This is my favorite part because Sophie discovers she has magical powers. The battle seems easy for them, since they have already practiced in the game. Nevertheless, it still was very difficult, no matter how much practice they have had.

In the end, Sophie and Stu learn an important lesson, that they should not spend their whole time playing video games. They should also go out and do other things. There is so much more to life.

I recommend The Camelot Code: The One and Future Geek to kids who love fairy tales with a modern twist. I’m NDK, and this is my review!

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