willa of the woodHi guys! Today I’m back with another book review. I’m happy to share a review of  Willa Of The Wood by Robert Beatty. It should be no surprise that I liked Willa Of The Wood because I love the Serafina series!

Willa Of The Wood is a book about a girl, a strange, orphan girl belonging to a clan hidden in Death Hollow. Her padaran, the chief, is not a good man. Willa’s “kind” are called the night-spirits. But a terrible thing happened. The padaran made the night-spirits forget their ways. The only one who remembers is Willa’s grandmother. She taught Willa everything she knows. When Willa finds out that the padaran has done something far more terrible than Willa can imagine, she sets off on a journey, meets a Day-Folk, which is a human, and finds a family she never knew she had. Will Willa stop the padaran and save her clan? Or will she fail? Read Willa Of The Wood to find out!

Willa is a very interesting character who can speak to animals – she even befriended a wolf! Willa was smart, resourceful, and always knew what to do, even when she was in the face of danger. This makes Willa a great role model.

My favorite part of this story is when she sought shelter with the farmer and his dog. She finally realized that not all “day folk” are bad. In one event, Willa almost gets in trouble by another night-spirit who lied about her. Willa saved herself by using her brain. Willa is always calm, even when she is very scared. This is a very great quality about her. I really admire that about Willa and wish that I could always remain calm, too.

Willa Of The Wood shows that you should never forget old traditions. Sometimes, you need to move on to new things. That is ok, but you should always remember your family history and traditions. You should also always stand up for what you believe in ,and do the right thing.

Willa of the Wood is a great adventure story. This would be a great holiday gift for anyone who likes adventure. Robert Beatty fans will love this book.  If you are not familiar with his work, you should definitely visit your local library and check out some of his books!

I’m NDK, and this is my review!

What do you think?

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