Books make a great holiday present. Disney Books have so many fun titles to choose from. Today I would like to share Heartwood Hotel: Home Again with you! This is the final book in the Heartwood Hotel series, which makes me very sad. I love the Heartwood Hotel series because the characters are so sweet.

Heartwood Hotel: Home Again
  • page count: 176
  • age range: 6-8 years old

In Heartwood Hotel: Home Again it is summer, and everyone is happy but also a bit tired! Everyone is  rushing around because Ms. Prickles is getting married to Mr. Quillson. During the wedding flurry, another guest comes to stay at Heartwood, and this time it’s another mouse! Her name is Strawberry, and she’s very sweet and a wonderful baker. As good as Mona’s mother! This causes Mona to wonder if Strawberry could be a long-lost relative.

When it is finally time for the wedding, everything is going smoothly, until it starts to rain. The rain is a good thing because of the drought that had happened over the summer. The bad part was a beautiful streak of lighting. A messenger hummingbird told Mona that a fire was caused by that lightning streak. Scared, all the guests at Heartwood flee, except for  Mr. Heartwood himself! Mona is determined to save Mr. Heartwood, find out who Strawberry really is, and most important, save The Heartwood Hotel. Will Mona save Mr. Heartwood? Is Strawberry really a relative? And will Mona save The Heartwood Hotel? Read the book to find out!

Heartwood Hotel: Home Again is a sweet book that involves adventure and talking animals! This book has many detailed illustrations which can help you visualize the story. My favorite part was when Mona coaxes the messenger hummingbird, Harmony, out of the mailbox. Mona is very sweet and generous, and I believe she is a great role model.

Fans of Kallie George’s Heartwood Hotel stories will love the conclusion to the series. But I also recommend this book to kids that have never this book series before. The book is easy to read, which is perfect for beginning readers. The book is still interesting for older readers, because it is a sweet story.

I’m NDK and this is my review!

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